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Well I was going to have a nice Christmas weekend, but I thought “How can I do that with a non-steamy vagina?” So I steamed it. I steamed the living frak out of it.  And you know what? Once you’ve had words like “mugwort” and “wormwood” steamed into your genitals, you’re never quite the same.

I knew it would work because it’s ancient and Korean. We all know that they are consistently a people of reason and would never hold an utterly bizarre and completely unsupported belief that has no basis in reality. Unlike every other society in the world, they got their shit right the first time.

Now when my husband and I have sex, I can proudly show off my newly-steamed vagina and he can say “Um, why did you do that?” and I can say “I don’t know.”

What a wonderful time to be alive. It’s like an autoclave in there. $330 well spent.


Balloon boy parents get fined the crap out of. At Christmas.

Birth control responsibility

Le sigh. I can’t believe I’m talking about this, but trust me there’s a good reason so bear with me.

Ok, so apparently Tiger Woods is a ginormous douche to his wife, but honestly it’s not our business who he’s banged. There.

That being said, there was something I caught today that irked me in a more general sense. It was a comment from one of his girlfriends, Jaimee Grubbs: More…

H1N1 hysteria

It’s been a long week of dealing with antivaxxers – especially on Facebook, the modern day harbinger of death via easily-spread panic/hysteria/paranoia against the very technology designed to save us from illness.

I was going to comment on this celebrity Q&A, but then I thought “Why? Who the fuck cares?”

I realize there are people that care, but I’m not going to put in the effort to correcting some of the nonsense in here (and to be fair, it’s only a few people) when my energy could be better spent elsewhere. I mean, when someone is so daft that they don’t see the danger in shaking hands with 100 people a night unvaccinated, what is the point of carefully explaining how selfish that is? It’s not all about Jan and her risk – it’s about accidentally spreading disease to 100 people/night because she didn’t wash her hands between each one. But what’s the point? She’s some celebrity, not a medical expert or a scientist. So who cares what she says?

What a celebrity says should be worth next to nothing in deciding to get vaccinated. What should matter is the evidence. Vaccines have saved millions of lives with minimal discomfort and only very rare side-effects. It’s super that David Suzuki is getting his vaccine, but who cares?

Skeptic North

Announcing a new blog for Canadian skepticism, Skeptic North!

Cross-country coverage! Familiar faces/avatars! A skeptical point of view on issues that affect Canadians! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Fewer exclamation points than here!

Ok for realsies though, go check it out and help out a poor Canuck with no electricity or running hot water other than from the husky turbines. ‘Cause that’s how we live. Skeptical? Well, go exercise those skeptical leanings over at Skeptic North. (See what I did there?)

Norman Borlaug dies

Please take the time to read about the most awesome man most people have never heard of, Norman Borlaug, who died yesterday at age 95.

Google Fail

Universe Today commented on the Google UFO picture from the other day and gave the explanation, which was apparently related to “All your base are belong to us”. Except what they left out was that the logo didn’t link to anything having to do with that, it instead linked to the search “unexplained phenomenon” leading to many pages full of pseudoscience. Google fail.