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Tiny titties? You’re a child…apparently

Apparently Australia has banned small breasts in porn because they look too juvenile and it’s equivalent to child pornography.

1) Where is the evidence that pedophiles (that go after girls, anyway) are attracted to adult bodies?

2) What does this do to women’s body image? Women with small breasts are being told that their bodies constitute child pornography. Small breasts = child? By that logic, their husbands can’t legally have sex with them.

3) What does this say about sexuality? What are the implications here about the men who are attracted to women who look like this? Are they pedophiles? (Of course not.)

This says something very bad about the perception of women and their different body shapes/types. It also says something very bad about men’s sexuality. There are a lot of assumptions here and very little (if anything) seems to be evidence-based.

This is probably (hopefully) unintentional – maybe “think of the children” gone amok – but it’s so bizarre that a grown woman’s body, because of one particular characteristic, could be considered by anyone to be childlike enough to constitute child pornography.

Or is this all just an excuse to limit access to porn in general?

PETA – Useless

Ever the intrepid …something-or-others… PETA has stated that Punxsutawney Phil should be replaced with a robot. I’m not sure if I should be impressed with the implication that they think Groundhog’s Day is a crock (unless they just think a computer program would be more accurate, or something) or slightly annoyed that they are once again bitching about a non-issue because it happens to be relevant right now. Besides,

William Deeley, president of the Inner Circle of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, says the animal is “being treated better than the average child in Pennsylvania.”

I’m not sure if that says something good about the treatment of the animal or something really bad about the treatment of children in Pennsylvania.

Anyway, if that robot became self-aware and took over mankind, boy would their faces be red. Think, people!

Joe Mercola – assface

Ok…so this is one of those things that’s just so schoolyard you can’t help but grab some popcorn and watch it happen. Two grown men bleating and hand-flapping about an internet award (the Shorty Awards) is better than TV. Since I’m late to commenting on this, I won’t bother with a summary other than to provide links to those who’ve done my job for me: More…

Grey’s Anatomy made more honest

Patient: Um, what are you guys talking about? Don’t you care about my extremely unique situation?

Doctor: We were unprofessionally having a private conversation about our personal lives in front of a patient. Please stop eavesdropping.

Patient: Ok well I have feelings about my disease/injury/surgery that ironically reflect the situation that you’re dealing with in your personal life, so can I soliloquize for 5 minutes like I have my own writer while you have a personal revelation about your own situation? I think it might help.

Doctor: Sure, just wait one minute for my partner here to say something that galls me so much that I am too utterly speechless to immediately respond so that I can listen to you and think about it until I ambush them later with my own emotionally-laden soliloquy.

Patient: Ok well we might want to do this soon, because depending on if this episode (of our lives) is going for a “depressing” or “uplifting” feel, I may die in the OR or miraculously survive, respectively. I don’t like my chances, since you are both the doctor that ironically sees something of yourself in my situation and is my surgeon – that tragedy just writes itself.

Doctor: Well I did have myself scheduled to fight over who gets to do this other surgery and then get yelled at for being insensitive, but I guess I can push that to lunch. Then I’ll still have time for inappropriate make-up sex in the on-call room before my shift ends. Alright, let’s do this.

Doctor: [Beeper goes off.] Well glad we had that talk, but it’s time for my story to intersect with that of another doctor in a way that’s completely separate yet eerily parallel, so a general theme can be commented upon when this is all over.

What year is this?

I was browsing around for information for my last post when I came across a video that had this comment (the context was VFX’s accusation of pedophilia towards DPRJones – one commenter lamented that men who get along with kids are immediately suspicious in this over-paranoid society): More…

Skeptic at Work: The Alkaline Diet

By Mojo.

It’s been awhile.

Allow me to explain. First off, the company I have kept for the past 4.5 months has been less than intellectually stimulating with most conversations being about women’s breasts or the size of a recent bowel movement. Inspiration for research into a stated scientific fallacy by a coworker has been sparse to say the least. Also, the combination of reduced free time to do research and reduction in the number of tubes my ISP provides has culminated in a great deal of frustration when conducting said research. Taking 2-4 minutes per website pushes my patience to Job-like limits. Despite this, I could not resist delving into the topic of “acid/alkaline theory of disease” after a coworker brought it up.

The conversation went something like this:
Me: “Did you know bad breath is caused by a specific kind of bacteria on the back of your tongue?”

Coworker: “Did you know that if you eat alkaline foods your body will naturally fight off that bacteria?”

Me: “…. Did you know that you’re full of s*^&?”

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