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Tiny titties? You’re a child…apparently

Apparently Australia has banned small breasts in porn because they look too juvenile and it’s equivalent to child pornography.

1) Where is the evidence that pedophiles (that go after girls, anyway) are attracted to adult bodies?

2) What does this do to women’s body image? Women with small breasts are being told that their bodies constitute child pornography. Small breasts = child? By that logic, their husbands can’t legally have sex with them.

3) What does this say about sexuality? What are the implications here about the men who are attracted to women who look like this? Are they pedophiles? (Of course not.)

This says something very bad about the perception of women and their different body shapes/types. It also says something very bad about men’s sexuality. There are a lot of assumptions here and very little (if anything) seems to be evidence-based.

This is probably (hopefully) unintentional – maybe “think of the children” gone amok – but it’s so bizarre that a grown woman’s body, because of one particular characteristic, could be considered by anyone to be childlike enough to constitute child pornography.

Or is this all just an excuse to limit access to porn in general?

Skeptic at Work: The Alkaline Diet

By Mojo.

It’s been awhile.

Allow me to explain. First off, the company I have kept for the past 4.5 months has been less than intellectually stimulating with most conversations being about women’s breasts or the size of a recent bowel movement. Inspiration for research into a stated scientific fallacy by a coworker has been sparse to say the least. Also, the combination of reduced free time to do research and reduction in the number of tubes my ISP provides has culminated in a great deal of frustration when conducting said research. Taking 2-4 minutes per website pushes my patience to Job-like limits. Despite this, I could not resist delving into the topic of “acid/alkaline theory of disease” after a coworker brought it up.

The conversation went something like this:
Me: “Did you know bad breath is caused by a specific kind of bacteria on the back of your tongue?”

Coworker: “Did you know that if you eat alkaline foods your body will naturally fight off that bacteria?”

Me: “…. Did you know that you’re full of s*^&?”

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Skeptic North on this week’s Skeptics’ Circle

They link to a piece by Some Canadian Skeptic’s Steve Thoms and from some Hebert chick. Also the Facebook group about H1N1 that is moderated by SN contributors. Yay!

Busy bee

Hi all, if you’re still out there. I’ve been way quiet lately.

I’ve been involved in a number of outside skeptical projects this week (yay!) so I have been seriously neglecting this blog (boooo!).

Once things slow down a bit, I will have a more enthused update.


to whoever is trying to reset my password: kindly fuck off, please. thank you.

that is all.

Video Game Demographics – I finally read the article

Earlier this week I posted about an article that was reported (vaguely) in New Scientist. Some helpful Twitter folks were kind enough to forward me the original article so I could comment more thoroughly…eventually. Here we go. [Edit: I completely forgot to post this before I left for the long weekend. Kimbo fail.] More…

Skeptic North

Announcing a new blog for Canadian skepticism, Skeptic North!

Cross-country coverage! Familiar faces/avatars! A skeptical point of view on issues that affect Canadians! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Fewer exclamation points than here!

Ok for realsies though, go check it out and help out a poor Canuck with no electricity or running hot water other than from the husky turbines. ‘Cause that’s how we live. Skeptical? Well, go exercise those skeptical leanings over at Skeptic North. (See what I did there?)