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Can’t. Speak. At. Normal. Rate.

The. RAGE.

No matter what you feel about abortion, this is wrong.

“Don’t kill babies! Doctors with families and who dedicate their lives to helping people are ok though!”

“We can’t fit all that on the sign.”

“Ok, well we’ll put ‘Abortion is Murder’ on the sign and we’ll just shoot the doctors ourselves and people will get the point.”

“What point is that again?”

“Murder is wrong.”

“Oh. Um…isn’t that a bit contradic–“

“Shut up and make the sign!”

“Heh, ok. You’re the crazy one with the firearm. What you say goes.”

You know what else that’s called? Terrorism.

UPDATE: As always, the Onion puts things in perspective. Sadly the glaring hypocrisy that they are making fun of is seriously what these people argue. So they won’t get the joke. Sigh.

How do we know you love us?

Because you’re stealing paying homage to our ideas. :) Yay? Just don’t do it better than we do, or we’ll have to break your thumbs.

If ever there was a use for this category, this is it

You almost have to laugh. Not because it’s funny, but to maintain some level of sanity. This is a bit old news now, but I’ve been busy with school work lately. Actually, I’m procrastinating from schoolwork right now. But I just couldn’t let this slide without comment. Answer the following multiple choice question.

Chemical castration is used to treat:
a) sex offenders
b) rapists
c) autistic children
d) prostate cancer
e) all of the above

Wait. What was choice “c” again? Autistic children? How did that sneak in there? That must be some sort of mistake, I’ll just check…

Sweet merciful crap.

Let’s see, where are we in our list of atrocities:
– Refuse to vaccinate further and other children in the house, thereby increasing the risk of everyone in the immediate family contracting, incubating, and spreading deadly diseases? Check.
– Subject children to all kinds of unproven and potentially harmful (or deadly) “therapies” such as chelation which has nothing to do with neurological disorders? Check.
– Treat our children as broken versions of humanity that need to be fixed in order to make our lives less miserable because of them? Check.
– Castrate them because…we’ve run out of torture ideas, I guess? Check.

Parents: Seriously. Stop. Stop now. You have alternatives that are evidence based and won’t ruin your kid’s life because you’re too blind with grief to properly weigh the evidence. Although I accept that “parents are just desperate” is an explanation, is it not an excuse.

You are breaking my brain. It can’t take much more of this.

get vaccinated, yo

Archie tries to be relevant again by doing stuff

So after years of waffling, Archie picked Veronica. A few questions:

A) He picked the chick that’s porking Reggie over the innocent blond?

B) Betty is clearly devastated, so what was going on there that she didn’t see this coming?

C) When was the last time anyone read Archie?

I don’t even know

Search term that found my site today: biggest camel spider in the world. ???

Astromony learning curve 1, Kimbo 0

Ooooook. So I have a bit of advice for you fledgling astrophotographers out there: know what you want to do with your scope before you buy it and make sure it can do that. More…