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Allopathy vs. Naturopathy/Homeopathy

So…now naturopaths want to prescribe because they want to be treated “like every other” health professional. Speaking as a future health professional, that’s bullshit. I can’t prescribe either and never should be allowed. You know why? Because it’s not my expertise, just like it’s not theirs. I rue the day when any profession can whine enough to the government such that they are allowed to do whatever they want. More…

Star Trek: Generations

I’ve popped in my original 1194 VHS tape (that’s right, kids — movies used to come on tapes) of Star Trek: Generations because I haven’t seen it in a while. The first thing I noticed before the movie even started is that they didn’t bother to advertise any other movies where the trailers would usually be, they just shill more Star Trek stuff. Something Janeway is peddling, Patrick Stewart talking about “From Here to Infinity”, and The Shat advertising some anniversary thing.

Yay, Paramount.

2 stupid products, 1 decent product

Moving is the worst thing ever. We should all just buy new stuff. Speaking of buying stuff, it’s time to showcase a few stupid products that the internets brought to my attention. See what I did there? More…

Moving in real life – maybe a brief interruption

We’ll be back when we get the internet hooked up at the new place. But we may be able to post from the hotel. Though we are on vacation, so don’t count on it. I’m sure all 4 of you are biting your nails with worry.

Mojo FTW – dead mother butterfly

A little background: Mojo and I got married last weekend. Mojo’s mom died several years ago. Mojo’s sister took the following picture and posted it on Facebook, eliciting the following exchange. It’s amazing what people will come up with because they think they are being nice, when in fact they are being incredibly offensive. See the third comment (Mojo’s response) for an example of how to handle to such things.

wedding faux pas

Aw….Mojo’s mom who died of cancer returned to haunt us at our wedding in the form of a spectral butterfly. That’s so sweet.

UPDATE: The saga continues. More…

Fundie Friday: Why Islam is not an evil religion

I find PZ’s (and other atheist blogs — I don’t mean to single him out, but he came to mind) unbridled hatred towards Muslims a bit grating and here’s why: More…

Teh Awesome

These posters/charts are all awesome and I couldn’t choose which to highlight. Go take a look.