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15 examples of why¬†Voyager¬†was worth watching

“Is Captain Janeway gonna have to choke a bitch?”

I know I’m probably going to get made fun of, but I don’t care. I liked Star Trek: Voyager completely sans irony. It’s nowhere near my favorite of all the Star Treks — that honour is reserved for TNG — and had its faults, but Voyager definitely also had some shining moments.

I know you’ve never seen this on the net before, it’s totally an original idea that I came up with a few years ago after one particularly creative day of doing nothing interesting: I present my top 15 Voyager episodes. [A Top 15 list?! That’s 5 more than 10! I’ve changed the face of the internet!] More…

Star Trek: Generations

I’ve popped in my original 1194 VHS tape (that’s right, kids — movies used to come on tapes) of Star Trek: Generations because I haven’t seen it in a while. The first thing I noticed before the movie even started is that they didn’t bother to advertise any other movies where the trailers would usually be, they just shill more Star Trek stuff. Something Janeway is peddling, Patrick Stewart talking about “From Here to Infinity”, and The Shat advertising some anniversary thing.

Yay, Paramount.

Star Trek 11

As some people call it…

Though after seeing it I’m not sure the “11” is necessarily fair. This is not typical Star Trek material.



I’ve been bitching for years that conventions don’t tend to come to wee little Atlantic Canada. Well in 2010 that changes with Hal-Con. Guests will be varied, from sci-fi TV stars to comic book artists and writers. Apparently Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby are going to be there, as well as Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)…and the rest. Let’s face it, I stopped listening at Walter Koenig.

Yay! A con!!

Video of the Week – When one Facepalm isn't enough…

…try about a hundred.

Happy Birthday Leonard Nemoy!

Not to be outdone by The Shat’s 78th birthday, Leonard “I am not Spock” Nemoy turns 78 today as well. Happy birthday you logical bastard! ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you were Spock.

The Shat turns 78!

78!? Holy crap.

Anyway. A very happy birthday to The Shat!

In his honor I provide the link to his roast. Especially watch Betty White and George Takei. (Americans see the Comedy Central website instead.)

Seriously though, James T. Kirk is almost an octogenarian. I actually had to look at that number twice to make sure I wasn’t going stupid.