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Sorry, but you’re not non-religious *enough*

I’m so sorry about this. I like Hemant and his blog Friendly Atheist, but sometimes things can go off the rails a bit. I don’t know if he just had a bad day, maybe he didn’t express himself clearly, or if he really does feel that way, but the post about Anne Rice today was uncharacteristically unfair. More…

VFX has gone too far

UPDATE: DPRJones and VFX have come to some sort of agreement. The details are here. Hopefully this will be the best scenario for VFX to end his destructive behaviour and each of them can move on with their lives. I certainly hope he can come to realize that although some people disagree with his worldview, that does not make them vicious monsters and he will stop spreading the message of hate. But I don’t necessarily support VFX’s request for people to remove videos about him so he can “move on”. It’s part of not repeating the mistakes of the past (as he indicated was his goal). Consequences: he haz them – his behaviour affected more people than just DPRJones. Being a new person and moving on involves accepting, not forgetting, past behaviour and giving people a opportunity to recognize new commendable behaviour. And being forgiven involves change and, if appropriate, consequences for bad behaviour.

See this video for another update from VFX and his dad.


Over the past week or so, some shit hit the fan on YouTube. The user VenomfangX, famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for his videos supporting creationism and against atheism, has yet again filed false DMCA notices against several of his critics. He did this before against another YouTube user, Thunderf00t (of the Why People Laugh at Creationists series, among other things), who forced VFX to issue an apology and read a statement outlining his new understanding of DMCA law.

For a complete history of VFX’s shameful behaviour (not just the DMCA, but his other morally questionable actions) please see this detailed post by Skepacabra. I’ve also written before about his past behaviour, in which I expressed some pity for him – it’s getting much harder to feel that. More…

Rapture not so much

So the good folks at, um, here were kind enough to warn us that the rapture was yesterday with this lovely website:

rapture 21 sep 09

This was taken 21 September 09.

Now to be fair, it is posed as a question rather than a statement. But now the site looks like this:

rapture 22 sept 09

This was taken 22 September 09.

Hrmmm, something is missing. So it looks like 1 of 2 things happened here. Either the rapture didn’t happen as guessed and they are trying to cover their asses or they had someone on their staff that wasn’t raptured who was kind enough to change the website to…um…not worry us or something? For some reason…

Either way, their prediction of 21 September in “fall 2009” was technically wrong anyway – because fall starts at 21:18 today. Unless they go by the definition that the equinox falls in the middle of the season, but I don’t give them that much credit.

[Slow clap of fail.]

Comment of the Day – but not because it’s good

This kind of thing is a pet peeve of mine:

I don’t know all, but God does. He and his gifts belongs to all people, including atheists & muslims, IF they repent and choose Him. He’s not an enabler so we have to be responsible for our choices. He’s given us free will which is hard to manage without Him.

We are like automatons, squandering our free will on stupid things. Like alcohol, or excess in anything. But God is merciful and redeems. Mr. Schmuck got the chance to prove his integrity with $26.

He chose excess alcohol so he reaps alcoholism. Still he has integrity, which many “high ranking” men don’t. And all of these things are His blessings and teachings and gifts!


Growing up Catholic

My family is Catholic. They aren’t very religious, but that’s what they put on government forms. We didn’t attend church regularly. We went to holiday mass (such as Christmas and Easter) when I was a child and up to the age of 14 I was forced (I use this word intentionally) to go to Catechism. My mother prays to St. Anthony when she loses something, but otherwise I’m not aware of her praying. In later years (as recently as 2 years ago) my father claimed to be an atheist, but throughout my life he did not intervene when I was trying to get my mother to understand that I was an atheist. As recently as this past summer, my mother told me that she thinks an atheist worships the devil.

This is how I grew up. More…


Funny how people can use a religion to excuse their immoral behaviour, while people in the exact same religion argue that they need their beliefs in order to be moral in the first place. It’s almost like religion is completely irrelevant to the concept of morality and behaving as if it is can lead to fucked-up justifications of heinous crimes. Hmmm…

I can’t wait for the arguments that say he doesn’t represent their true beliefs. Ok well if that’s true does that mean even though he was religious he was capable of immoral acts? So then isn’t is true that religion doesn’t necessarily lead to morality? So then isn’t it true that people with no religion can also be moral since morality is apparently related to individual perception and not membership in an arbitrary religious denomination?

Note: It’s possible probable this guy was just batshit, but I bring this up to illustrate the flaw in the whole morality issue. Fuck any religious person in the fucking next who assumes I’m an immoral person because I swear and don’t go to chuch.

Hemant Fail

We have to be careful when we’re talking about crimes committed because of alleged demons, gods, fairies, etc. More…