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I just can’t get out of here

Trying to pack, but so. many. things. More…

Fundie Friday – Hesselbeck ignored

For all we bitch about Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, Rosie (when she was on The View), and Dr. Phil, you know who often gets a pass? Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I see her mentioned sometimes on Pharyngula, but honestly why aren’t skeptics making more of a big deal about her. Sure she’s not spreading nonsense about vaccines, but she is spreading nonsense about a whole lot of other crap on a major network daytime TV show. She deserves a heaping pile of criticism. So buckle up. I hope you appreciate the pain and torture I’m going to have to endure to get this information. More…

Sigh…Elections Part 2

Oh Green Party. You had me. You HAD ME. And then you said this: ” Expand healthcare coverage to include qualified complementary/alternative health professionals such as naturopaths, chiropractors, and dietitians.” and a bunch of other crazy shit about “cancer epidemics” and “toxins”.

1) Dietitians are not “alternative”.
2) Naturopaths and chiropractors are covered by private insurance. I don’t want my tax dollars going to either of those being included in national health care coverage. And why make the distinction “qualified”? Wouldn’t that be a given? Unless they need to clarify because of the shit-tons of nonsense among these groups. I’m sure there are responsible folks who send people to their GP at the first sign of serious trouble, but if we’re going to see someone and it’s that not serious in the first place did we need to see someone at all? And does it need to be covered by health care? Say what you will about the doctor shortage, this (opening the door to less qualified people to tinker around with clients) is not the solution.

So many reasonable-sounding things mixed in with crap. I even missed it the first time. But I’m going to write you a prescription: Take 1 science adviser and see me next election. Most of what you have to say is reasonable, but I can’t vote for junk science scare-mongering.

I’m not voting. Your parties all suck, Nova Scotia. Good luck.

Should I go to University – revisit

Cheshire comments about my post on university (which you should read first to get the background for Cheshire’s comments). See my response. Yay! Discussion!


I hate elections. I hate being at home minding my own business and Ted Larson comes to my door to tell me that all the MLAs for Halifax are NDP (actually Clayton Park has a Liberal) and I’m supposed to think that’s bad for some reason. I hate when I’m home in the evening, in my pajamas, and people from the NDP come to my door to harass me about voting and do not take the hint that I have garlic breath, am unshowered, and am in the middle of relaxing in front of a TV program. Also, I’m moving in a month so whatever I vote it feels a bit like “so long, suckers!”.

I understand why this is necessary, I do, but it’s the way it’s done. It’s the sales pitch. It’s the parenting-esque way they ask you to vote with that insulting condescending tone. It’s the “please evaluate me based on this tiny pamphlet I just handed you and ignore that other guy’s pamphlet”.

I fully admit that I know dick about NS politics. I know that tuition is too high, I know that there is a brain drain, I know that rural areas aren’t getting enough access to health care, I know that NS is essentially the Bible belt of Canada, I know there are doctors out there putting religion ahead of their code of ethics. Those are things I care about. But does anyone have these things on their platform? Let’s check it out. Because if not, we come down to the basic flaw in voting: voting for the lesser evil. More…

Criticism vs. Censorship

I’d like to address something that came up in class the other day. We were talking about microaggression (a sociology term for covert, as opposed to overt, racism). An example of a microaggression could be asking, say, an Asian person “So when do you go back home?” This assumes that they aren’t from Canada and may elicit the feeling that they don’t belong. The person who said this may not have meant any offense, but their assumption that “Asian = immigrant” elicited a strong emotional reaction in the Asian person because they weren’t sensitive to the fact that just because this person is of Asian descent, doesn’t mean they aren’t Canadian or that they are leaving anytime soon.

So in class, I brought up other forms of covert “racism” — anti-gay and anti-atheist covert insults. Being gay or of a certain religion isn’t always something you can tell about a person right away. We can keep it secret if we want to, as opposed to race. But the thing is, we’re still that on the inside all the time. So when we go through our days, we still have to belong to a world that in some ways doesn’t want us. As such, we’re exposed to a lot of things that remind us that we don’t belong. Such as the constant fight for the right to gay marriage, or the atheist fight to be thought of as moral fully-human beings. Though people we’re interacting with on a daily basis aren’t targeting us purposely, there is an assumption in society that we are “a certain way”, i.e., like them — straight and religious. More…

Should I go to university?

It’s that time of year. Students have applied to university and they are getting their acceptance and rejection letters back and deadlines for responses are approaching. They are asking “Where do I go? Do I really want to go?” Maybe. But if you’re most people, the truth is university is probably not for you. More…