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There, fixed it for you

Today a Facebook friend linked to a video entitled “To all the women behind their soldier’s [sic]…this video is for YOU!” and it is a perfect example of what contributes to deployment loneliness. And bad grammar.

As a “soldier’s wife” I appreciate the sentiment and recognition of mutual emotional sacrifice when the military are sent on deployment, but I’m disappointed with the hetero-normative sexism of internet videos/messages (and even some of the provided material from the military) that assume soldiers are men and there’s a noble woman behind each one.

I know how lonely and boring it is for a spouse to be deployed, particularly as I was still seeking employment when my spouse was overseas. I can imagine that loneliness would be compounded by being ignored by the very people trying to be supportive. So I want to take some time to give a shout out to the men behind their soldiers and all of the homosexual couples that have spouses/partners overseas. All of the people behind their soldiers, whoever they may be.

Women are soldiers. Gay people are soldiers. They also might have spouses back home. Where’s their public support? There are no Google results for a quoted search of the phrase “men behind their soldiers” (well, now there might be after this page gets cached). What a shame.

Two Corporate Controversies in One Day!

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I saved this for today – more 9/11 nonsense

Dear Mr. President,

9/11 was an inside job. Can I talk to you about it? I am not a crackpot!


Charlie Sheen

Wtf am I talking about? Apparently Charlie Sheen wrote a fictional meeting with Obama detailing what he would ask him about 9/11’s “inside job” (and apparently he was able to guess Obama’s responses). His goal is to actually meet with Obama to discuss his concerns – I guess because he’s not just any crackpot, he’s Charlie Fucking Sheen, bitches.

His “campaign” is being supported by conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones – who was also executive producer of Loose Change. The purpose of the fictional letter is to gain media exposure and restart this whole “9/11 was an inside job” nonsense. Sure, let’s give them media exposure. I’ll start by exposing why this is bullshit.

If he wants to go after Bush for something, there are much more concrete choices. But instead he’d rather make friends with a crank and spew bullshit about something that happened 8 years ago. I wish these people would think about what they are saying.

The government thought so little of your family member, that they murdered them and a few thousand other people. They also think so little of their own employees that they then destroyed a government building for good measure…with a rocket, apparently.

9/11 was a terrorist attack. It was a conspiracy, just not from the US government. Islamic extremists conspired to hijack planes and fly them into buildings for maximum damage – and it worked out far better than they could ever imagine due to the unfortunate circumstance of the engineers not considering frakking plane impact in their design [edit to clarify: they sort of did, just not one big enough to take out that many columns]. Your country was victimized, but not by Bush. Well he was an incompetent asshat, but he did not murder thousands US citizens.

Please see the excellent Popular Mechanics article that nicely details the physics involved. See also this humorous take from Cracked, the site Debunking 9/11, and the blog Screw Loose Change (that also talked about Sheen’s “letter”).

If anyone has any other good 9/11 links, please provide them in the comments.

Obama = Hitler?

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In other words…

Ok here’s a less sleep-deprived, more reasoned version of my rather vitriolic post from yesterday: My husband and I are adults, we made a decision that hurts no one (except the people who aren’t legally allowed to make that decision due to laws outside of our immediate control), it has nothing to do with our skepticism, and says nothing about our social or political opinions. So what relevance is there in discussing what other people’s horrible marriages are like as a criticism of the existence of ours? My answer: None.

Mawwiage is what bwings us together

Sorry I haven’t posted anything of substance in a while. I’ve been having a combination of issues here lately. The heatwave has coincided with cricket mating season and I ended up with a pretty disgusting infestation (like the requiring an exterminator kind – and even he, the grizzled and experienced bug guy, was grossed out), which has caused me to have some pretty chronic insomnia as the loud nocturnal bastards chirp away incessantly during the night. But recent events in the blogosphere (or is it a dodecahedron?) have pissed me off enough to write something.

Ok, so this has come up a few times recently in the “skeptical community” since the wonderful surprise wedding celebration of Skepchick’s Rebecca Watson and London Skeptics at the Pub’s Sid Rodrigues: Marriage – Appropriate or not for skeptics? More…

Bullshit fail

Sometimes Penn and Teller mix in some stupid shit between their otherwise good points. I’m watching the Taxes episode of Bullshit! Season 7 and Penn mentions progressive taxes. To provide an analogy for this, and how “unfair” it is (debatable – but not the point of this post), they show a pie-less Penn taking pie from Teller.

A “guest” said something to the effect of “progressive taxes don’t punish the rich, they give a break to the poor”. So the pie thing was to illustrate that this system is in fact unfair to the rich. However, the analogy is complete bullshit.

In the tax system, the poor aren’t directly taking money from the rich. Rather the government is taking different amounts of money from each depending on how much each has. So in the analogy there should have been a third party taking pie from both Penn and Teller in amounts proportional to the amount of pie they had in the first place.

I hate when they try to make their point with misleading bullshit, it completely undermines what they are trying to say.