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What’s wrong with having an imagination?

It’s Halloween. I frikin’ love this holiday. Candy, parties, famous lore-related costumes, inappropriately topical costumes (and the resulting fallout), pumpkin carving, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror special, going to a tiny Vogue Theatre to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, and all that other awesome crap. It’s a day specifically for fun (or if you’re fundamentally religious, evil hedonism and satan-worship…or something).

I often get asked why I like this holiday so much – about as often as I get asked why I like cheesy horror movies and awesome shows like Supernatural. Because it’s fun, you downers! If it’s not your taste, super. But I don’t really get a lot out of the other major holidays – mostly because of their glaring Christian-ness – so I find Halloween a good chance to let loose and have some fun. I realize I’m a skeptic and an atheist, but I freely enjoy the paranormal, or even the religious, in a fictional context. So, let me have this! :) A skeptical girl’s gotta have her fun sometime. It’s when those things are presented as real with no (or very poor) evidence that I don’t appreciate that stuff so much.

I have nothing but fond memories of Halloween – except the grocery store’s insistence on taking down the Halloween candy 2 weeks early to put up the more expensive Christmas candy. Bastards. But then again, Quality Street……

Chocolate digression. I’m back.

Anyway, I did a week long special of Halloween myths last year and here they are if you’d like to read them. Just remember that even though they’re annoying myths, it’s ok to have fun with the supernatural…as long as we’re all clear that so far it’s make believe (prove me wrong, Ghost Hunters) and we don’t drink and drive.

I had to slip that in there – this year let’s not drink and drive so hard that I don’t even have to be preachy next year at all.


Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown – Part 6

Sorry for the delay (if anyone cared), I was a little busy this week with not writing this. Welcome to Chapter 9 The Terror of Spontaneous Human Combustion. See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for more chapters from this hilarious and infuriating book. More…

Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown – Part 5

See parts 1, 2, and 3, and 4. Now onto Chapter 8 Spooklights and Fire Devils (I decided to do Chapter 9 separately as it requires more research than previously thought). More…

Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown – Part 3

So I’ve been exploring the book Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown, by Brad Steiger (1991). Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Now onto Chapters 4 and 5 – Missing Civilizations and Vanishing Islands (note: chapter titles presented minus the excessive adjectiving). I’m sure this is the part of the book where he turns things around and critically examines the evidence for and against his claims. More…

Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown – Part 1

Finally living up to my promise. It’s almost too easy. I almost feel bad. Almost. I think I’m going to have to do this in several parts, because there’s just too much here to address in one go. So here’s a brief introduction and the first topic. More…

Hoaxes as lessons

During Joe Nickell’s talk at TAM 7, the concept of hoaxes came up. Sometimes skeptics will, for example, take pictures of an alleged Bigfoot and post them online. They’ll let it go for a few weeks/months, letting the Bigfoot people ponder over it before finally revealing “AHA! It was all a scam!” I don’t know how I feel about these little demonstrations.  More…

Mojo FTW – dead mother butterfly

A little background: Mojo and I got married last weekend. Mojo’s mom died several years ago. Mojo’s sister took the following picture and posted it on Facebook, eliciting the following exchange. It’s amazing what people will come up with because they think they are being nice, when in fact they are being incredibly offensive. See the third comment (Mojo’s response) for an example of how to handle to such things.

wedding faux pas

Aw….Mojo’s mom who died of cancer returned to haunt us at our wedding in the form of a spectral butterfly. That’s so sweet.

UPDATE: The saga continues. More…