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I read this ages ago and didn’t have time to blog about the topic until now. More…

Allopathy vs. Naturopathy/Homeopathy

So…now naturopaths want to prescribe because they want to be treated “like every other” health professional. Speaking as a future health professional, that’s bullshit. I can’t prescribe either and never should be allowed. You know why? Because it’s not my expertise, just like it’s not theirs. I rue the day when any profession can whine enough to the government such that they are allowed to do whatever they want. More…

The Scariest Part?

On the heels of my “Two Ridiculous Products” post from yesterday, I have this thought: Without doing prior research before going to the drug store, how is the average consumer supposed to know what is and is not tested by a regulatory body (i.e, FDA) for quality control and safety? They are all on the same shelves, all in the same pharmacy.

Pharmacists out there: I know you’re running a business, but you have a duty to your customers to provide safe products. Might I suggest, if you’re not willing to get rid of these dangerous products entirely, that you at the very least separate them into different sections of the store so that at least people are making an informed choice.

I would wager that many people don’t realize that untested drugs are allowed to be sold in grocery and drug stores. They may assume that because the store endorses it and/or are allowed to sell it, it’s safe.

So what’s up with Swine Flu these days?

Well it’s been a couple of months, time to revisit swine flu. I wrote about this early on urging people not to panic and think critically through the media hype. Now that the hype has died down, it’s apparent that the flu has not. Although this still isn’t a flu of Stephen King proportions, it is highly infectious and can get a lot of us at once. I urge you to read this personal account to help put this flu in perspective. More…

get vaccinated, yo

Daniel Hauser update

Apparently Daniel is back in his home state and has been admitted to the hospital. I have several things to say about this. More…

Daniel Hauser might die

Apparently, Daniel Hauser and his mother have fled. Daniel is a 13 year-old boy with cancer who, after one chemo treatment, began refusing treatments in favour of treatments promoted by his mother’s religious group, the nemenhah. So now he gets to fight off swine flue with a magic bean whilst he fights off his cancer with a magic potion that won’t make him barf but won’t make his cancer go away either (as demonstrated by recent scans that showed his tumor had grown after quitting chemo and going with the “natural” therapy).

Although his death might make a good point about how far off the rails this “big med” paranoia has gone, unlike Jenny McCarthy I don’t want this kid to die to make that point. I hope the authorities find Daniel and his mother before anything irreversible happens to him. I hope he undergoes effective treatment for his cancer and he survives. That would make the point nicely.

I’m rooting for you, kid.

Meanwhile…here’s some perspective.