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Archie tries to be relevant again by doing stuff

So after years of waffling, Archie picked Veronica. A few questions:

A) He picked the chick that’s porking Reggie over the innocent blond?

B) Betty is clearly devastated, so what was going on there that she didn’t see this coming?

C) When was the last time anyone read Archie?


I’ve been bitching for years that conventions don’t tend to come to wee little Atlantic Canada. Well in 2010 that changes with Hal-Con. Guests will be varied, from sci-fi TV stars to comic book artists and writers. Apparently Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby are going to be there, as well as Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)…and the rest. Let’s face it, I stopped listening at Walter Koenig.

Yay! A con!!

Watchmen – An objective (?) review

I have the advantage of not being a “fangirl” of Watchmen. I have never read the series. So hopefully that allows me some objectivity in giving a movie review. I won’t discuss specifics, so there will be no spoilers.

I’ll start with the good:

1. The opening sequence = awesome. It was genuinely well done and entertaining. I wished I could have watched it twice to take everything in.

2. I did a little research, and they have really stayed mostly true to the source material. If that’s a big thing for you, you’ll be pleased.

3. The music. I can’t really say any more without ruining the effect.

4. The look and feel of the movie was very engaging. They generally picked the right actors to play each part, the mood, the lighting…everything was great-looking.

But…there were some things:

1. The movie was loooooooong. It was pretty full at the beginning and started to drag a little towards the last half. It wasn’t unbearable or anything, but there were several cut-able scenes that make sense in terms of detail in a book that aren’t necessary for a movie narrative.

2. Veidt was a bit wooden. It was a little distracting every time he spoke.

3. There was a certain scene in demonstrating The Comedian’s character that could have been done a little less graphically without losing the point and I think it would have been an improvement. I’m sure that won’t be a popular opinion with the “no you need it to get the *feel* for his character blah blah” people, but to that I say: it would be perfectly obvious what his character is about from the other events and a more carefully shot version of that particular event. I don’t need such excruciating detail for that one incident to make a determination about his character overall.

4. The movie goes from quiet to loud and back in a split-second, which can be murder on the ears depending on where in that spectrum the theatre decides to place the volume. Our theatre erred on the side of “loud” so at times it was actually painful to listen to the sound effects of certain scenes which distracted from enjoying the movie. Not really the movie’s fault, but it may be a problem for people at a loud theatre.

All in all, a great comic flick with some minor annoyances. Go see it.

Nerd of the Week – Mojo's big premiere!

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Old Kingon Proverb.

Hello there!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my very first entry in the already overcrowded series of tubes that is the blogosphere. And thanks again to Kim for letting me share her piece of cyberspace pie that is Nergasmx/Skeptigirl. I hope to live up to her expectations and hopefully entertain or enlighten you folks with my various witty observations and/or serious commentaries.

I share many things with Kim: Food, an apartment, a life. I also share her passionate stance on subjects like the separation of church and state, anti-intellectualism in the media and the discrimination of atheists by mainstream society. In addition, we both share a fondness for video games, science fiction, cartoons and comics. Hopefully Nerdgasmx can provide a small portion of comic relief from the more serious topics devoted to Skeptigirl (to which I may also feel inclined to add from time to time).

As a means of getting to know me better and making a good first impression (sometimes those two are mutually exclusive!), I thought an appropriate topic would be a 581 part series about famous nerds you should respect. People like to say nerds do get a lot of respect these days but we all know we still get made fun of. Hopefully this series will serve to make us all more proud to be nerds!

For the purposes of this series, the following definition of “nerd” will be used. Anyone fitting this definition can be included on this list.

Pronunciation: \nərd\
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from nerd, a creature in the children’s book If I Ran the Zoo (1950) by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)
Date: 1951
: an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person ; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits

Source: the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

First up, Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Oh yes that’s right. Batman is a huge nerd. Yeah he’s a big, tough, invincible ninja but think about it:

While he is never depicted as unattractive he does run around in tights and a cape which is pretty unstylish. Socially inept also gets a huge check in the box since he never has time to have a real relationship beyond his “ward”, Robin. He is pretty much a psychological mess of a human and doesn’t seem to be interested in the opposite sex in any way. As for the slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits, consider the following:

Computers/Gadgets: As a rule, nerds tend to want to have the most powerful computers on the marketplace and tend to be very skilled with them. Well nothing tops Batman’s computer. (Maybe the Star Trek computer… but I’ll discuss that at a later date). He’s been seen hacking huge databases within about 20 seconds, manipulating encrypted sites, and generally proving to be an expert in all things computers. He’s also pretty dependent on them which is a typical nerd quality. Granted he has Lucius Fox to head up the development of his gadgets but using them/repairing them still requires some kind of devotion to nerd pursuits.

Scientist: “Batman is a scientist.” – Homer Simpson. What’s nerdier than being a scientist? Science = nerd in almost everyone’s mind. I don’t care how many times you can wrestle Killer Croc to the ground, if you are good at chemistry you are a nerd. And Batman is damn good at chemistry.

Genius level IQ: Consider that one of his main enemies is The Riddler whose only real “power” that makes him dangerous is his impressive mental acumen. Unfortunately for Riddler, he set up his base of operations in a city protected by the smartest person in the world. Batman consistently foils the most complicated schemes with good old fashioned smarts. You don’t get that smart overnight. He must have had some impressive learnin’ in between sparring sessions!

So there you have it. Definitive proof that not all nerds are weak or timid like people think. I hope to bring you more examples of respectful nerds in the future but I think Batman serves as a pretty good example of a nerd that has reached respected or even “cool” status while still fitting the definition above.

Hope you like my first article!! Thanks for reading!