I’m the worst blogger ever

Where have I been? To arsing lazy to write anything, that’s where. I’d say I was “too busy”, but what that really means is that I had other things to do and they ranked higher on priorities. I dunno, is anyone still reading this thing? I do still have opinions. Or should I just pack it in? Because who cares about yet another anonymous blogger’s narcissistic opinions?

4 responses to “I’m the worst blogger ever

  1. Yeah, still reading. And while I’ve pulled out wet pasta implement of chastisement in the past for your decidedly less than frequent posts, I have decided to forgo that this time and for the future. Instead, I’ll just say that it is nice to know that you haven’t fallen into the depths of eternal oblivion or gotten whacked by a mole or something. Personally, I’d like to see more of your “narcissistic opinions” but I understand how the vicissitudes of actually having a life can interfere with providing entertainment , food for thought and/or something to occupy the eye until the coffee kicks in. For those in between times I’ll simply keep your blog plugged in to my RSS reader and won’t hold my breath but will wait with corpse-like patience for the next post.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m “still reading” since there’s nothing here to read, but I would like to start reading again! I really enjoy your writing style, so give me all the narcissistic opinions you want.

  3. Ok maybe I’ll try a more casual style with less linking “research”, because that’s the thing I don’t have much time for. We’ll see how that goes.