Another year, another needless finger to the Christians

I think skepacabra pretty much said it all.

The latest round of atheist billboards don’t impress me any more than they did last year. Not because I care about offending anyone, but because I find it pointless to go out of the way to give Christians the finger rather than promoting a positive message about atheism. These ads don’t tell anyone what atheists are about, but they do give a solid impression that atheists are obsessed with Christianity in particular – for some reason.

Or did I just not catch the Hanukkah sign that makes fun of the Jewish? ‘Cause we all KNOW that oil lamp thing is a Myth, right?

Next year, could we maybe try to make a name for ourselves for fostering a sense of community and charity rather than going out of our way to use expensive billboard space to remind everyone that Christianity exists?

There’s a time and a place for more aggressive tactics, but a promotional billboard is not either. And if not promotional, what is the billboard for? It’s not supportive either. It seems like some atheist orgs need to think harder about what message they are trying to get across and choose their forums more wisely.

We’ll see you next Christmas… sigh.

5 responses to “Another year, another needless finger to the Christians

  1. UncountablyFinite

    Hmm, I think a lot of atheists in the U.S. are obsessed with Christianity in particular. It’s the big religion in this country. There’s what, seven million Jews in the U.S., a good portion of whom are secular? I think that for a lot of atheists, stupid stuff like that is what their atheism is about. Not everyone’s into humanism or skepticism, not everyone’s into having a positive message. A lot of atheists like giving Christians the finger. A lot of skeptics like giving anti-vaxxers the finger. A lot of democrats like giving republicans the finger. It’s fun some times.

    Atheism is about different things to different people, as with everything else. I think the billboard’s for exactly what it looks like it’s for – reminding people that atheists exist and pissing of Christians while they’re at it. I think that’s what a lot of people want to do. It’s not about advancing atheism or giving atheism a positive message, it’s about saying what they feel like saying.

    Now what I feel like saying is that you should post more often. No excuses for having shit to do other than blog at anonymous people on the internet!

  2. Two months? Two months without a posting? “Lucy you got some ‘splaining to do!” But seriously, I do tend to agree with you that giving the finger to the Xians is not likely to win hearts or converts to then unhallowed halls of atheism. I’m not sure what was their motivation behind the campaign. Maybe they were indeed flipping the bird in order to provoke a spittle producing foaming at the mouth reaction since we all know it isn’t good to keep that stuff inside and should be viewed a public service? Have a very merry and unholy Christmas.

  3. Yeah yeah yeah. :) I recently got full-time hours at my job and as an entry-level health care professional I have a lot of extra research to do. Unlike naturopaths etc, I have to make sure I’m not accidentally hurting people by just making shit up. Pesky science and ethics. But I will try to post more often.

  4. I disagree. I think the billboards are very supportive. When I was young I would have greatly appreciated knowing I wasn’t alone. In fact, it warms my heart to see such billboards today and I personally feel attached to others by their existence. It’s clear that ANY public statement of atheism is seen by religious people as offensive so I think your commentary could be seen as an argument against any public advertising of the existence of atheists. Atheist organizations across the nation do all sorts of community outreach programs but of course those are done quietly and garner no real recognition. That’s all well and good but the fact that advertising our existence to others is offensive to religious people doesn’t, in my opinion, or shouldn’t be any reason to not do so. I thank god that other atheists are organized enough to proclaim there probably is no god. Makes god-damned good sense to me.

    • From reading the rest of your comment, it doesn’t sound like you do disagree. However, I think that’s because you’ve misunderstood my argument a bit. I wholeheartedly approve of positive atheist messages and billboards promoting same (which I describe in more detail in last year’s post on the same subject – to which I linked above). What I don’t like is needlessly and pointlessly obsessing over Christianity. They aren’t important enough to mention. Why use expensive billboard space to remind people that Christianity exists instead of promoting and raising awareness of atheists and what atheism is really about.