Joe Mercola – assface

Ok…so this is one of those things that’s just so schoolyard you can’t help but grab some popcorn and watch it happen. Two grown men bleating and hand-flapping about an internet award (the Shorty Awards) is better than TV. Since I’m late to commenting on this, I won’t bother with a summary other than to provide links to those who’ve done my job for me:

Mike Adams‘ hissy fit (warning: the crazy is hilarious – do not ingest liquids while reading)
Phil Plait
Jedi School Dropout

Why bring this up now? Because Mercola just doesn’t know what’s best for himself and keeps opening his stupid mouth (or one of his handlers is getting so fired). Like this gem posted on Mercola’s Facebook fan page:

assholeOverweight? Stay classy, Mercola.

Yes, certainly there must be a giant Big Pharma shill conspiracy against the plucky band of rebels. It can’t possibly be that sensible people using Twitter decided to focus on one deserving candidate, rather than several different deserving candidates, to reduce vote splitting so that a dangerous anti-vaccine duck noise wouldn’t win. They wouldn’t possibly have done that because of her own merits as a medical researcher who has helped promote science-based care and patient advocacy. Noooo…

By the way, an arbitrary Twitter award is a metaphor for destroying everything they believe in? Yeah, that’s a sensible and grounded perspective… And actually, it seems like he cares a great deal about this award (and so does Mike Adams, judging by his case of the vapors):

assholePictured: Not caring so much that he encouraged everyone to vote for him.

I like how they criticize the efforts of Dr Rachie supporters, but encouraged the same thing themselves…twice…one of those right after saying he doesn’t care. It’s a popularity contest, so I’m not taking the piss out of their methods – encouraging votes is what you do. But the blatant hypocrisy and the fact that people don’t notice it – that’s soul-crushing.

This is professional behaviour? People take medical advice from this asshole? Those who still follow Mercola or Adams after this are stupid or…nope, just stupid. Of course Adams has managed to frame this as if he is the victim of fraud, so anyone not bothering to look up the details (which lets face it, their group is grossly guilty of) will buy it. Mercola (and I’m inclined to think it’s him since other things on his fan page are in the first person, but I will stand corrected to new info) on the other hand, just blatantly went insane if he thinks that weight comments are appropriate.

Even some of his fans are rightly appalled.

“This post brings you down a few notches in my professional opinion.”

“”overweight”? Real classy. Should it matter that you’re bald? I don’t think so. What does physical appearance have to do with any of this? Are we in high school?”

“This is in really bad taste, Mercola! The language is not of the most refined and beneath anyone with an ounce of self-esteem.”

“whoever wrote that post is part of his staff and therefore endorsed by Mercola. And you’re right! This is very unprofessional.”

“Resorting to personal attacks Dr Mercola?”

“Dr M, you don’t need to put other people down to prove your point. It really is unnecessary and beneath you.”

Etc. Although sadly most of them display delusion and assumption “skills” that run deep:

“Shorty awards have discredited themselves already by rigging the votes. They apparently decided that Mike Adams Health Ranger must be a fraud because it is impossible that so many people voted for him and deleted him and our votes! Watch out, I bet you will be the next target so the Aussie can win.”

[For the record, I wish the Shorty Awards had just somehow disregarded the votes that were in violation of the rules and kept Adams in the running. But as he supposedly encouraged people to sign up and vote, which the rules clearly state is a violation, it’s a gray area.]

Anyway, Mercola – not only dangerous, but kind of a slimy douche.

UPDATE: Mike Adams also doesn’t know how to behave like an adult and keeps spewing paranoid vitriol. It’s possible that people can just disagree with you, Mike, without there being a giant conspiracy…over the effing internet Twitter contest. Perspective: yer doin’ it wrong.

See this post for a summary of the links related to this “story”.


8 responses to “Joe Mercola – assface

  1. Interesting you can’t bear to bring yourself to call him Dr. Mercola (which he is- he’s a physician- prescribes drugs etc) yet Dr. Rachie who isn’t a doctor of any kind except a shitty PhD is who you call the doctor? Oh the irony….

    • You’re hilarious. Shitty PhD? lol wow. Yeah, what a piece of shit. What does she contribute other than investigating medical issues that doctors then put into practice saving people’s lives? Pfft. Oh and I hear she has the nerve to be “overweight” too.

      You take medical advice from this asshole? Believe what you want about medicine, but why this guy? This obviously childish, reactionary man. Why him?

    • Unbelievable. How much of your money did Dr. Mercola get, anyway?

  2. Oh yeah, I’ll also point out that the award is for “health”, not “is a doctor”. So, a well-deserving nurse, PT, OT, radiologist, etc. could win also. Dr. Rachie’s creds (or lack thereof, as you perceive them) aren’t really relevant.

    I think you need to look up irony in the dictionary.

  3. I’m almost tired of calling these guys classless idiots… but not quite.

    I am amused by both Mike Adams and Mercola’s insistence that the award isn’t important…and yet they persist in making it important.

    I guess if you call it a metaphor then you aren’t giving the real award value, you’re giving something imaginary value instead… gee somehow, now that I think about it, that IS totally appropriate for these twerps.

  4. You said”

    “I like how they criticize the efforts of Dr Rachie supporters….”

    Do you mean Dr Rachael Dunlop?

  5. Loved your post, Skeptigirl, thanks for writing.