Balloon Boy fiasco

There is more news in the Balloon Boy story that lit Twitter ablaze last week. Not only was the boy found safe and sound (that rhymed, Marge, and you know it rhymed), but he might be getting a new mommy a daddy secondary to negligence, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, filing a false police report, and conspiracy!

After an investigation, authorities suspect that the entire fiasco was a publicity hoax by the parents to – get this – make themselves marketable for a reality TV show. They allegedly faked the endangerment of their child and had him lie (in fact, he got sick during some interviews – which may have been related to nerves) in order to make themselves marketable. I think they had some things backwards there.

Here’s another interesting tidbit: The topic of the reality show was going to be the dad warning us all about the lizard people. His only way to warn us was to become a celebrity so we’d listen – he’d be able to reach more people than presumably writing a blog wearing a tin-foil hat. I shouldn’t make fun though, because honestly he might have paranoid schizophrenia or something and if that’s the case I hope he gets the help he needs. But this just goes to show how far some people will take these things.

The parents haven’t been charged yet, but the article implies it’s because the local authorities are waiting to see if they can get some federal charges applied too (such as a prison sentence and a hefty half-million dollar fine). The kids aren’t in any trouble because of their ages and child protective services is investigating the general safety of the household and fitness of the parents to hold custody.

See the news link for more details that led to police being suspicious of the parents.


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