“I’m not a racist” except I totally am

Which is what this asshole might as well have said. He even played the “I have black friends” gambit…right after refusing to marry an inter-racial couple (a white woman and a black man) in Louisiana. It’s like he was reading from the “I Swear I’m Not Racist” cliche handbook.

I’m going to make a statement here which may or may not blow your freaking mind: You can have black friends and still be racist. OMFGWOW!

What decade is this? The excuse was that he was concerned for their children. He’s not racist, he just doesn’t think races should “mix that way”. Wow. WOW. Dude. No, that is racist. That is all kinds of racist. You have black friends and that’s super, but you feel that you have the right to tell them who they should and should not marry based solely on race and the mixed status of their children. That, sir, is racist.

And the “think of the children” argument? That is low. Especially as he even suggests they go see another JOP to get married, which certainly doesn’t prevent them from having children. So what is his “protest” really accomplishing other than making him look like a dick who is stuck in the 1950s and making this poor couple jump through more hoops for no good reason? We live in a continent with years of oppression of black people and inter-racial couples – that context is important in this decision. The fact that he is ok with this shows a disturbing lack of social awareness.

AND this is a JOP. It’s not even like we high-and-mightys can blame some “backward” religion. This guy works for the US government. So now even secular marriages are subject to personal values and rules because they are just so concerned…you know, for the brownish children.

Except he betrays his real bias – inter-racial marriages, according to him, don’t last as long. So his predictive powers have granted him the right to preemptively deny marriage to clearly unfit couples. Except no, that’s insane and clearly racist. He has no right to deny a marriage to anyone based on race. To get married by a JOP in Louisiana, you pay a fee and wait 3 days. That’s it.

He has no remorse for this and feels he has done nothing wrong because he didn’t actually prevent them from getting married. No, maybe he didn’t prevent anything, but he did manage to make an inter-racial couple feel marginalized and discriminated against…in 2009. Good work.

Hat tip to porlob.

Minor edits for clarity and grammar – meaning unchanged.


5 responses to ““I’m not a racist” except I totally am

  1. Just out of curiosity, two questions:

    1. How do you define racism?

    2. How do you differentiate between anticulturalism, and racism?

    • 1) Refusing a right based on race alone is racism.

      2) That depends on the situation. Race and culture are two distinct, though often overlapping, concepts.

  2. Yeah, the “I’m not a racist, but other people are and therefor the children will suffer” argument is ridiculous.

    SicPreFix, since I couldn’t find a good definition of anticulturism (in fact, it was in no dictionary I could find), I don’t know what the difference is. But I really don’t see how you can define this as anything but racism.

    First of all, he made the assumption that two different racial groups (blacks and whites) would not be capable of tolerating a mix-raced child. Assuming anything about anyone based solely on their race is racist.

    • “he made the assumption that two different racial groups (blacks and whites) would not be capable of tolerating a mix-raced child”

      Thank you for pointing that out. I forgot to mention that explicitly in my post. His actions and assumptions go beyond just this couple – they extend to two entire (stereotyped) groups of people.

  3. “he made the assumption that two different racial groups (blacks and whites) would not be capable of tolerating a mix-raced child.”

    What a horrible anonymous, prospectless life that would be.
    I child like that would have no future. Not like other kids who can dream of GROWING UP TO BE PRESIDENT!