Rapture not so much

So the good folks at, um, here were kind enough to warn us that the rapture was yesterday with this lovely website:

rapture 21 sep 09

This was taken 21 September 09.

Now to be fair, it is posed as a question rather than a statement. But now the site looks like this:

rapture 22 sept 09

This was taken 22 September 09.

Hrmmm, something is missing. So it looks like 1 of 2 things happened here. Either the rapture didn’t happen as guessed and they are trying to cover their asses or they had someone on their staff that wasn’t raptured who was kind enough to change the website to…um…not worry us or something? For some reason…

Either way, their prediction of 21 September in “fall 2009” was technically wrong anyway – because fall starts at 21:18 today. Unless they go by the definition that the equinox falls in the middle of the season, but I don’t give them that much credit.

[Slow clap of fail.]

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