Yours Truly on Skeptically Speaking

Skeptically Speaking is a Canadian skeptical radio show produced live on Friday nights (well, nights here at AST – 5 PM PST and 8 PM EST). Listeners can call or send in questions for guests to answer and a copy is made available after the live show on their site and in the iTunes podcast directory.

Check out Episode 25 of Skeptically Speaking for yours truly asking a question of Derek Bartholomaus of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count site.

Also on the show – Some Canadian Skeptic (who was smart enough to whore his blog) asking a question of some guy named Adam Savage…whoever that is. Some kind of MythBreaker or something…I dunno. Anyway he seemed like a nice guy so I’m sure he’ll make a name for himself some day. Keep reaching for that rainbow, buddy!

4 responses to “Yours Truly on Skeptically Speaking

  1. I really, really enjoy Skeptically Speaking, so I’m looking forward to hearing this ep! :)

  2. That last sentence was one of the funniest paragraphs of yours that I can remember.

    You win at jokes.

  3. This post almost made me spit wine all over my keyboard. Almost.

    If you really want me to damage my precious technology, I suggest you call Some Canadian Skeptic a whore again.

    Thanks for calling in. :)


    • Although technology damage is generally bad, I feel it’s important to emphasize that SCS is in fact a dirty, dirty whore.