And heeeeeeere it comes…

So as if on cue, the ill-informed (somewhat a misnomer, if you get the pun) have come out of the woodwork to blame Patrick Swayze’s death on his chemo. The same chemo that kept him alive for 20 months instead of the usual 6. Yeah, that chemo.

The latest is medical expert Suzanne Somers. Oh wait, she’s an actress. That does not mean she is not a smart person but she is completely unqualified to comment on someone else’s health care choices and the effectiveness of life-prolonging medical treatments.

I’d like to say if we ignore them they’ll just go away, but that’s not true if the media keeps giving these people attention. So all we can do is respond and take their statements to task for the nonsense that they are and hope that people don’t follow their dangerous assumptions.

“They took a beautiful man” and “put poison in his body. Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins? . . . I hate to be this controversial . . . but I have to speak out.”

I think my head asplode. It’s not “controversial” Suzanne, it’s wrong. Wrong and dangerous.

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