Polish man films a “Yeti”

Because there’s no way to demonstrate yet whether this video is accurate, I’ll simply provide the news link and embed the video. However, upon cursory examination it appears to be yet another short “man in a suit” type video with heavy pixellation, shaky camera work, a far angle, and with no other supporting evidence. The video is allegedly under investigation.

Personally I’d film that bastard until my camera conked out or he ate me, but I guess these folks chose the more ubiquitous “out of frame and blurry” method… Directors, man. They’re so obsessed with personal style and genre. Break the mold.


2 responses to “Polish man films a “Yeti”

  1. Yeah, I call BS. Maybe they are using a Wal Mart video camera at maximum digital zoom! Amateurs!

  2. Interesting. And yeti, not compelling.