Comment of the Day – but not because it’s good

This kind of thing is a pet peeve of mine:

I don’t know all, but God does. He and his gifts belongs to all people, including atheists & muslims, IF they repent and choose Him. He’s not an enabler so we have to be responsible for our choices. He’s given us free will which is hard to manage without Him.

We are like automatons, squandering our free will on stupid things. Like alcohol, or excess in anything. But God is merciful and redeems. Mr. Schmuck got the chance to prove his integrity with $26.

He chose excess alcohol so he reaps alcoholism. Still he has integrity, which many “high ranking” men don’t. And all of these things are His blessings and teachings and gifts!

Repent?! Repent for what? Because they happen to be born in another country? Because they happen to have a different culture? She listed Atheists and Muslims together there together and then said “if they choose Him”. First, the Muslims did choose “Him” – they believe in the same god you do. Second, god/Jesus wouldn’t forgive an Atheist? Really? They’ll forgive murderers and rapists but they won’t forgive Atheists? (If I have to capitalize Christian and Muslim, I’m capitalizing Atheist.)

“He’s given us free will which is hard to manage without him.” Well that was really nice of the all-knowing god to do for us. “Here you go, have some free will. Oh yeah but you’re really going to suck at it so have fun with that.” That just makes your god look like a dick. Also it completely ignores the billions of people on this planet who go about their days doing right and good things. The actions of a few hundred thousand murders and other criminals doesn’t negate that overall our species is pretty awesome. We have the potential to do horrible short-sighted things, yes, but we don’t have the benefit of omnipotence. Gee, if only we had access to someone with such a power who could/would directly and unambiguously help us out… Or if only we had been made not to be that way. Oh right I forgot, god is “mysterious” which is Arrogant Christian for “I don’t fucking know, stop asking these uncomfortable questions about the built-in contradiction of an all-powerful sky fairy.” Or it’s possible we’re just here, on our own, and we have to make our own way and our own rules for the benefit of everyone while we have the chance (since apparently god “designed” us only to be around for an arbitrary 80 years…ooooor we evolved that way).

Not that I’m saying all Christians are arrogant, by the way, but in the context of the discussion from this comment smacks of insulting condescension and ignorance. Some Christians are awesome, so I don’t want this to be seen as an attack on Christians. It’s not. It’s an attack on this kind of Christian and this attitude of “god gets the credit for every awesome thing we do and none of the blame for the bad things we do, cause you see the bad stuff is just because we suck”. Apparently instead of giving this guy the power not to drink, god gave him the integrity to pay back 26 bucks. Sure he’ll probably die of heart or liver disease, develop diabetes, or have a stroke. But he has integrity. Its his fault he’s an alcoholic, because people are weak and stupid. Isn’t god’s majesty a wonderful thing to behold?

Are you kidding me?

The story is not how god helped this man. This is a story of how one person asked another for help and got it. He was so grateful for this help that he was motivated to work to pay off the debt rather than be a dead beat drunk. Human compassion and gratefulness are the inspiration here, not god’s so-called backwards gifts that put him in that position in the first place only to get him out of it again in the most roundabout way.

Human beings are capable of good things and people like this just ignore it so they can fawn all over god’s awesomeness some more. Give people a little credit. We deserve it, and in the end we’re all we’ve got.

5 responses to “Comment of the Day – but not because it’s good

  1. We are incapable of doing good on our own, dontchaknow. If we do good it is the Holy Spirit working through us whether we know it or not. It is up to us to recognize this fact and thank Jeebus. If, on the other hand, we do evil it is Satan working through us, again whether we know it or not. My question is, what fucking free will? Apparently the only free will we have is whether or not to accept the great sky fairy (should that be capitalized?) If we do, then the credit goes to the appropriate celestial slot. If we don’t we are really serving Satan because we are trying to claim credit for our own good works. I think I need a drink.

  2. Shit…I’m getting all riled up! This also reminds me of that quite heroic pilot who landed his stricken jet on the Hudson River. Shortly thereafter some asshole drew a cartoon of, presumably, God’s hands sheltering the jet as it landed…um…watered?…on the river. It sure didn’t show God shoving the fucking birds into the engines that caused the whole thing in the first place. Now I really need that drink.

    • And certainly the pilot doesn’t get any credit for doing his job admirably.

      I think I’m less pissed about their failure to “blame” god for the bad things that happen than I am for their failure to acknowledge the goodness and kindness of human beings for the good things that happen.

  3. A long serving constable in the Canada’s Vancouver Police Department has been arrested for impaired driving in Burnaby. The VPD aren’t releasing many details about the officer at this point, including his age or identity. .The off-duty officer was stopped at a roadblock on the Trans Canada Highway early Sunday morning by the RCMP’s Port Mann highway patrol.. What they are still rewarding, covering him too for his drunk driving?

    Federal Conservative Politicians also seem to like to preach about law and order, conserving the good family values, but do they practice what they preach now to others in reality? Do they themselves support alcoholic beverages now as well? The liberal Christian & Missionary Alliance Church itself, PM Stephen Harper’s own church now, contrary to the fundamental evangelical Baptists and Pentecostals churches it does not openly prohibit the drinking of wine or smoking, or divorce.

    Many EVANGELICAL Fundamentalist believe that all true professing evangelical Christians are or are to be total abstainers from alcohol, and IN A FALSE DENIAL, A FALSE UNBELIEF they refuse to admit the reality that some professing Christians, Christian leaders still do get drunk, drink alcohol such as Canada’s Prime Minister. Why? the shock they have been lied too is too much for a start..

    Drinking alcohol cause permanent brain damage, it also causes a significant deterioration of one’s mental capabilities, deterioration of one’s inter personal relationship skills, it also causes more car accidents than speeding or not having adequate winter tires, it also reduces significantly one’s work productivity as well undeniably too. It has ruined many families as well. So do please tell us all now:

    – How much money did the Prime Minister, the Premiers themselves now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year,
    – How Much money did the federal, provincial cabinet ministers now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year
    – How much money did the civil and public servants now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year