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So I quit WoW because I was bored/pissed. But recent loneliness-inducing life events have motivated me to go back to the parts of the game that didn’t piss me off – PVP. Aaaahhhh, killing things. Intelligent things controlled by real people instead of dumb shit AI with bullshit rules and player QQ (i.e., PVE). Not that people don’t whine in battlegrounds, but it’s usually more amusing and doesn’t results in a complete wipe that costs a bunch of gold and may or may not make the difference in a successful campaign. Also no gear fights.

PVP – So. Much. Fun.

Anyway, I was messaging my absent husband over Facebook to describe the awesome of what I did today and it occurred to me that it’s actually a pretty good tip for Level 80 hunters (well any casual-to-moderate player looking to gear up really, but I’m a hunter so the information will be hunter-centric) so I decided to post my ramblings about PVP gear and battlegrounds here.

Wintergrasp is AWESOME.

1) Super fun.

2) You get marks that actually buy useful stuff on their own.

Some background for #2: For those who don’t know, there’s a 5-piece PVP set from a vendor in Orgrimmar that you buy with honour. Another vendor sells the other pieces (trinkets, rings, & gear not in the set) also for honour. However, there is a vendor in Wintergrasp that appears when you control the hold that sells gear for Wintergrasp marks. Gear usually costs about 15-25 marks instead of honour, so if you use your marks to buy equivalent gear from their vendor you get to use your honour for your 5 piece set and still get the extra pieces in far less time. In my case, the only trade-off is one stat: as a hunter the Org gear has Crit (which the 5-piece set has anyway) but the Wintergrasp gear has Hit rating (which will max out at 164 – or about 140 if I have the talent Focused Aim, in the Marksmanship tree). So instead of only farming honour, you can farm honour and marks at the same time doing A) Wintergrasp and b) the daily BGs and end up with twice the gear in half the time.

3) You get buttloads of honour doing Wintergrasp. For one thing, there are repeatable quests that rake in about 20k honour in one day. In a battle without quests, you can still get about 2-5k depending on if you mounted a vehicle or a gun and your HK rating and, as usual with battlegrounds you get 1 mark for trying and 3 marks for each victory. In addition to all that, there’s also Stone Keeper’s Shards that you get for doing the Wintergrasp quests which get you even more stuff – like spaulders that are account bound and help your alts level up, mounts, armour buffs, more honour, etc.

So I’d been playing for about a week and had 14k honour to start with. Within that time, I bought 3 items (compare that to me at Level 70 – took a couple of months to get 4 pieces in the 5 piece set) – 2 with honour and 1 with Wintergrasp marks. [Edit: After 1 month, I have all epics and superior PVP gear except for 1 – all from mostly doing Wintergrasp and the daily BG.]

As a side note, Isle of Conquest is AWESOME. It’s a really quick and easy way to get honour and it’s fun. Although I love AV, IOQ is quicker so if I need a few hundred honour to afford my next piece, I’ll usually go there. Otherwise I do the daily BG over and over to get the extra gold/honour and build up marks so I can trade them in when I get enough from all the BG (for even MORE honour).

So here’s the PVP gear set I’m working on. I don’t care if it’s the “best” possible set (although I’m open to suggestions), this is just for information if other hunters were looking for some ideas. The reason I set it up this way is because of what I explained in #2: I didn’t want to max out certain stats and I will be able to get about twice the gear in half the time. I’ve listed how much everything is and where they’re sold.

Vendor: Sergeant Thunderhorn (Orgrimmar)
Body Part   Name                                                   Amount    Currency
Finger          Furious Gladiator’s Band of Triumph.   38000        Honour
Trinket        Medallion of the Horde*                           31600         Honour
Neck            Deadly Gladiator’s Pendant of Victory.  38000        Honour

Vendor: Blood Guard Zar’shi (Orgrimmar)
Hands        Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets.       31600         Honour
Legs            Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Leggings.        49600         Honour
Chest          Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Armor.            49600         Honour
Head          Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Helm.              49600         Honour
Shoulders  Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders.      31600         Honour

Stone Guard Murkar (Wintergrasp)
*Sells an analog to this item.
Waist        Titan-Forged Waistguards of Triumph.          15          W Marks
Wrist        Titan-Forged Wristguards of Triumph.           15          W Marks
Feet          Titan-Forged Sabatons of Triumph.                 15          W Marks
Trinket    Titan-Forged Rune of Accuracy.                        25         W Marks
Finger      Titan-Forged Band of Victory.                           15          W Marks

Right now for my legs and wrist I am using the crafted Giantmaim pieces from my Leatherworking talent. I also crafted my cloak and am still using that. Since they are superior items, I will be replacing them last and only for items of a higher level (epic).


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  2. I refuse to read this post on the grounds that I will want to start playing again.