The Odd Phenomenon of Hurricane Behaviour

I don’t mean the behaviour of the hurricane itself, I mean the behaviour of the people in the affected areas. Something interesting happened over the course of the day today that I want to talk about.

For the past several days we’ve been watching Bill crawl towards us wondering if we had another Juan on our hands. A category 2 storm with a possibility of retaining its strength was coming. We all gathered up our batteries, our candles, food, water, etc. and battened down the hatches (i.e., take in the bird feeder). I picked up all the supplies I need:

hurricane chow

Thankfully, so far a Juan-level disaster looks not to be the case. Bill was Category 1 when it cam by and it swung much further south than first though (it may not even make landfall although it looks like it will pass over southern Cape Breton). Where I am, the major part of the storm happened to swing up and around us as it passed by, so all we got was rain and some wind gusts. As the storm approached from the south, the heaviest weather was in the western part of the system and set to hit us as it passed through. But as the storm traveled, the heavier weather swung up around to the northeast. So we ended up in the spot where there was not a whole lot going on – didn’t even lose power.

Unfortunately though NS is still not totally in the clear. As I said Bill has yet to pass over Cape Breton, but so far the damage doesn’t look nearly to the scale that Juan (a category 2 storm) inflicted. That being said, there definitely is some damage and the surf is still dangerous. For example, Liverpool is being bashed by waves, Peggy’s Cove is shut down, there are trees down in Halifax and other damage, there are scattered power outages (mostly due to tree branches), flooding, damaged coastal structures, etc. Once beautiful gardens are now virtually ugly…

That is why I got so very pissed off today when people were complaining on Twitter about how “boring” Bill was.

I get it, storms are exciting and some small part of us wants to see the spectacle of tree branches everywhere and downed power lines, but…only inasmuch as it doesn’t affect us personally and with great financial cost. Generally people would not be pleased if their boat was destroyed, their car windows smashed, their property damaged. I don’t think many of those people would appreciate people complaining about how Bill was “boring”. And if Bill wasn’t “boring” I doubt a lot of people would be terribly pleased. Is this some sort of nervous storm laughter? A weird way to express relief?

I find the “the Maritimes are underwhelmed with Bill” comments to be in poor taste. I am not underwhelmed, I am relieved. Just be thankful that we don’t live in an area where Katrina-level destruction is possible and stfu. Humor is one thing, complaining that there was not more damage just so you could have a story to tell is a little twisted.


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