Obama = Hitler?

Words cannot express my anger. For example:

I was fortunate enough not to have had to survive through a holocaust. About 6 million Jewish people did not have the option. The Nazis also murdered several other groups on the basis of arbitrary personal characteristics like sexuality, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Comparing a health plan created by a modern American democratic government to Nazism is just about the most uninformed alarmist bile I have heard in a long time. These people live in a country where they are free to bring pictures of Obama defaced to look like Hitler to a Town Hall meeting. I think the irony here speaks for itself, but apparently I’ll have to point out that in no way does a proposed health plan that has to go through the proper political channels at all resemble a dictatorship that led to World War II and the intended extermination of millions of people.

How dare any complacent well-fed American compare a proposed health care plan (!!) to the plot to murder an entire race of people? On a pragmatic level, that’s just not possibly true — there are several countries with varying degrees of socialized health care where everyone is just fine and dandy (um, like the democratic country in which I live). But also, on what planet is this at all the same? Do people still learn about Nazis in school? Do they understand that millions of people were brutally murdered or left to die of disease and malnutrition? I cannot comprehend how people can be that thick.

Americans, you live in a pretty decent country. You have your flaws, but overall it’s a pretty great place to live. Imagine being born in Darfur or Somalia or Rowanda. Your biggest problem right now is whether or not your politician is “asshole” enough to care about your health. But you’ve worked each other into such a frenzy that anything Obama says is woven into a delusion of persecution and hatred. Most of you don’t know what Nazi-level persecution is. Go watch Schindler’s List. During the scene where a Nazi coldly shoots a woman in the head to set an example, you tell me how that is at all like your current president. I can’t even read about that story without crying, but how many of you have talked yourselves into believing that the details of the holocaust are an “exaggeration” because that’s more comfortable than acknowledging that such horrible things have happened.

This is absolutely appalling. I’m disappointed in all of those ill-informed Americans shouting “Nazi” at Town Hall meetings. Your self-centered assumptions and ridiculous hyperbole are going to come back to haunt you one day. And at this point, you deserve it. You disgust me, Town Hall “lady”.

UPDATE: Even more disgusting.

They can’t openly hate Obama because he’s black, so they come up with this Hitler nonsense. I can’t even comment. Nothing I can say is enough to express my revulsion.

7 responses to “Obama = Hitler?

  1. Jesus fucking christ on a stick. These people so fucking piss me off I want to scream. All I hear from these morons protesting national health care is, “I’ve got mine, fuck the rest of you.”

  2. The shirll, ridiculous, nonsensical viriol from the American far-right has reached new heights (or new lows, depending on your perspective).

    The talking points aren’t even TRYING to sound plausible anymore. Death panels? Srsly? SRSLY? This isn’t Logan’s Run here. The idea that trying to provide healthcare to those who can’t afford it is equivalent to a Nazi policy is beyond ludicrous.

    Amanda Marcotte had a really excellent analysis of what may be going on the other day: http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/stupid_racist_and_scared_are_not_mutually_exclusive_categories/

  3. Jimmy, indeed. I don’t see many “protesters” to the health care reform in wheelchairs or hooked to oxygen tanks.

    Patrick, thanks for the link. The great irony, and the best part of the second video, is when the Jewish man points out that Israel has national health care. Check. Mate.

  4. Elyse Anders posted a great link on Facebook demonstrating some of the perspective that many of these people are failing to acknowledge: http://www.themudflats.net/2009/08/21/nazis/

  5. I know right? That Barney is a gay jew!! I mean… omg!!!

    I feel such shame…..

  6. Thanks for drawing attention to the link elyse shared. That was a beautifully sad post putting things into sharp focus.

  7. I just thought of a great way to make national health insurance easily affordable. When you apply you’re asked the following question: “Do you believe in the healing power of prayer?” If you answer “yes” you are given a copy of the bible (King James Version, of course), a plastic Jesus and a pad for kneeling on. Then you’re sent on your fucking way. If you answer “no” you get the best health care money can buy.