Oprah has her priorities straight

This is amusing. Oprah and Dr. Oz recently sued some businesses after their images were found being used to sell and advertise diet and beauty products. While it is true that it is illegal to use a brand-name person such as Oprah to make money without her permission, what amuses me is this:

Winfrey’s companies, Harpo Inc. and Ow Licensing Co., and Oz’s Zo Co firm filed papers in New York on Wednesday to stop the “unauthorised and unlawful use” of their names, pictures, voices and trademarks which have “gravely injured” the duo’s reputations.

50 small businesses using your image has gravely injured your reputation? No, let me put this in perspective for you. The whole “Million Little Pieces” debacle, that was minor but a start (I’m not talking about being fooled, I’m talking about the reaction after finding out). The whole thing with promoting The Secret, now that is reputation ruining. Shortly followed up by hanging out with Deepak Chopra and promoting Jenny McCarthy. Oprah, I hate to break it to you but with most rational people your “reputation” is already trash.

The papers state: “These defendants are willfully capitalising on plaintiffs’ valuable reputation and intellectual property rights to lure consumers into ordering their infringing products on the false premise that they have been tested or recommended by Ms. Winfrey and/or Dr. Oz when they have not.”

They are right. Using someone’s image without their permission, especially if they are a brand, is illegal. I just find it amusing that they have their feathers ruffled because someone dared associate them with diet pills, wrinkle cream, and teeth whitener but they are perfectly ok with potentially contributing to the disease-ridden downfall of the human race by allowing Jenny McCarthy to have unfettered daily access to millions of paranoid moms all over the world.

Priorities. Oprah’s got ’em.


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