CreoZerg – Atheist Student Alliance field trip

Follow #creozerg on Twitter for the Secular Student Alliance visit to the Creation Nauseum Museum.

Have fun, everyone, and stay safe.

UPDATE: Apparently AiG is “onto” them and is praying for their very souls. Incidentally, it’s always “funny” to me when they perceive our right to free speech as an attack on their right to free speech. Really they can say what they want, as long as it’s within the law and doesn’t infringe on other’s liberties. If evangelist Christians want to be seen as decent human beings by atheists, they could start by throwing away the bigotry and standing alongside us to fight for our mutual rights. We don’t “oppose anyone who believes in god”. We oppose anyone who would use that belief to bully and silence us. If they honestly don’t see the difference in those two things, then maybe a civil relationship really is impossible.

UPDATE: I present the “What will happen without god” (via @antangil) section without further comment.


One response to “CreoZerg – Atheist Student Alliance field trip

  1. I like his part about the many non-believers that come to “learn” at his museum. Yeah fucking right.