Funny how people can use a religion to excuse their immoral behaviour, while people in the exact same religion argue that they need their beliefs in order to be moral in the first place. It’s almost like religion is completely irrelevant to the concept of morality and behaving as if it is can lead to fucked-up justifications of heinous crimes. Hmmm…

I can’t wait for the arguments that say he doesn’t represent their true beliefs. Ok well if that’s true does that mean even though he was religious he was capable of immoral acts? So then isn’t is true that religion doesn’t necessarily lead to morality? So then isn’t it true that people with no religion can also be moral since morality is apparently related to individual perception and not membership in an arbitrary religious denomination?

Note: It’s possible probable this guy was just batshit, but I bring this up to illustrate the flaw in the whole morality issue. Fuck any religious person in the fucking next who assumes I’m an immoral person because I swear and don’t go to chuch.


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