As if the Twilight MMORPG rumor wasn’t bad enough, I now present to you (I’m so, so sorry):

Snuggies for dogs.

You really just read that.

Because if you’re a yuppie with money to waste, and can’t buy a sweater that fits your dog (for some reason) — or maybe your grandmother really sucks at knitting — don’t donate it to a worthy charity, buy a bigger sweater-ish thing with a stupid brandname.


4 responses to “omfg

  1. I got back to my apartment late last night. I was tired. Made a few phone calls, got a little more tired. Ate some rice, and got way-the-crap tired. The night was spent in half-consciousness seemingly simultaneously browsing online, watching The Watchmen (turns out, I’m the one who watches the Watchmen!), and sleeping.

    I thought I dreamt this. I remember that image of the dog rolling around in what is obviously the kind of pain and agony that can only come from the cruciatus curse. I thought I was dreaming this. I fucking thought that there is no goddamned way this stupid thing can be real! It was dumb in my dream!

    I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    EXPECTO PATRONUM or…some fucking….pseudo-latin thing….RESPECT-A-TATIS or….fuckin’…..EXTERBATION!

  2. At least they had the restraint not to give it some ridiculous cutesie name like the Snug-puppie or something. Next: snuggies for your fish. It’s cold in that water! Shit, I gotta stop giving them ideas.

  3. I have noticed a pattern in these breeds of dog… I wanna see one of these smiling women put one of these things on their rottweiler.

  4. Also, why is everyone so cold in these commercials? Is the recession/depression preventing them from turning on their heat, leading to cold women and dogs, a boom in the Snuggie industry?