Why is this necessary in life? A Twilight MMORPG

A Twilight MMORPG? Really? A Twilight MMORPG? Well, maybe. It’s still in development. But that’s the rumor.

Why, universe. Why are you doing these things to me? I really hope this is not what it sounds like.

From the link:

Ever wish you can be Bella or Edward?

Um, no.

Soon that will be a possibility… well at least virtually.

Oh so I can’t really be them, then. Thanks for the clarification. Can you imagine the dirty old men that will be all over that because they know it’s prime location for choice horny 12 year old girls? Chat log: “I look just like Edward IRL you know” etc. Ew.

Edit: Original voice cast returning to Futurama. Oh universe, I can’t stay mad at you.


2 responses to “Why is this necessary in life? A Twilight MMORPG

  1. I bet I read cracked MORE than you, asshole! You should have checked before saying that! We’re in a fight! Stop reading the same websites I read, stalker!

    Bahaha “What would a “25 man raid” entail exactly?” I had a similar thought. [shudder]

    Ah that was a good one.

    “Statistics Jack. It’s a word you say right before numbers. It means ‘this is a fact.'”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…ahhh I needed that.

    “His butt is visible and awesome.”