So. There are various goings on here at the blog and the JREF forum. Various really ridiculous things. In one corner you have someone who’s “very offended” and in the other corner you have someone who doesn’t give a shit about what name anyone is. Quite honestly, it would be a huge hassle for me to change my blog (again) which would affect all of my links, my traffic, my casual readers, etc. So honestly, I don’t have any attachment to the name, but it would take a lot to get me to change it, since it’s mine and it would cause such an epic mess. So I’m not.

How not to negotiate: The do not do’s of the internets

1) Do not show up on someone’s blog with cryptic remarks and expect them to have read your mind.

2) Do not expect “I had it first” to be a good argument for anything.

3) Do not respond to cryptic responses to cryptic remarks with snarky accusations of being “unethical”.

4) Do not then proceed to post about said person on a separate forum, on which they are not even a member, about how they are “impersonating you”. And remember kids, just because you think a word means something doesn’t mean that everyone else isn’t going to go by the regular definition as typically used in the English language. “Impersonate” does not mean “other people unintentionally think they are me”.

5) Do not PM random third parties to let the blog owner know about things when you already have a means of contacting them. This just looks suspicious.

6) Do not act like a victim after doing 1-5.

The do do’s of the internets

1) If you’re concerned that the people in your community will confuse you with someone else, post a thread calmly explaining that some blog exists that happens to have the same name that you use in a completely different place and that is not your blog.

2) Hope that people will see it and move on. Refer to it as necessary if the situation comes up.

3) Realize how your actions will be interpreted when they go through the filter of the internets: read as text, no tone of voice, mind-reading is not possible, etc.

4) Politely ask the blogger if they are attached to the name and if there is some solution that can be reached. Perhaps they can write a disclaimer. Perhaps they can keep the domain and simply change the name and graphic that appears at the top. Any number of solutions may be available when you don’t act like the person is a criminal for daring to use an equally unoriginal name. OR Accept that this hasn’t been a problem for 2 years and put things into perspective.


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