TAM Tips

Just a few tips for those considering attending TAM in the future:

1) Save up all year so you can sign up for everything. There are the regular conference fees, but there’s also some extra workshops and events that you might want to go to such as Penn & Teller, other magic shows, etc. Also, it’s Vegas.

2) If you have a blog, society, organization of some kind, or whatever, bring cards so you can spread the word.

3) If you have an online persona, bring your avatar or screen name so you can attach it to your name tag. Nobody knew who the hell I was, but I bet if I was wearing “Kimbo Jones”, at least a handful of people might have recognized me from here or commenting on other blogs/forums.

4) If you’re traveling from abroad, make sure you have a passport. :)

5) Don’t be shy. Really hard for a lot of us, but I somewhat regret not being more pushy. I’m not generally a gregarious person and I suck at small talk with strangers. I’m good talking to people when there is a topic, but I hate when I’m stuck talking about the weather and I’m not outgoing enough to bring out a shy person. So generally, I stick to people I already know unless I have another outgoing person with me to make me feel less awkward. This is bad. Don’t do this.

That’s all I can come up with right now.


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