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I read this ages ago and didn’t have time to blog about the topic until now. More…

blog me vs. real life me

It occurs to me that people might think I’m (Kimbo) kind of an asshole because of the way I write and the nature of the things I say on this blog so I thought I’d provide a little clarification for those of you who may have met me at TAM7 or know me in real life and may say “buh?”. More…


As you may have noticed from previous posts, Mojo and I recently moved. It’s been a little hectic around here, hence the quietude. Anyway, we finally got around to putting our books away and I found 2 of my old books which definitely deserve several posts of their own:

1) Mysteries of Space and the Universe by Phyllis Raybin Emert (1994). Example chapters: Planet X, Cover-up in Texas, Mysterious Circles, Nemesis – The Death Star, Helicopter or Spacecraft?, and many other exciting (read: sure to be hilariously dumb) topics.

2) Beyond Belief: Strange, True Mysteries of the Unknown by Brad Steiger (1991). Example chapters: The Eerie Enigma of Ghost Ships, People Who Walk into the Past, Spooklights and Firedevils, The Terror of Spontaneous Human Combustion, and the rest (with equally appalling titles…if not more so).

I apparently had eclectic reading tastes when I was a tween. Anyway, just giving a heads up that these books will make up new summer series when I get back from TAM7 et al.

It’s called a teaser, folks. Totally not a space-filler for while I’m on vacation. [shifty eyes]


And we’re off to TAM7!

There are a few scheduled posts for the interim and we’ll be back after our honeymoon (Dominican for a week after TAM) with articles about our sure to be excellent times at TAM. We plan to meet up with the Canuck contingent of skeptics on Thursday, go to the SGU dinner on Friday, and see Penn & Teller on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to meeting those of you who are going, and I’m sorry for the awesome to follow that will rub it in for the people who couldn’t go. I know how you feel after 6 years of the same thing. You’ll get to go one day.

As of now Mojo and I are officially out of the country until 19 July 2009. Please have patience for a response to any comments.

See you there!

I just can’t get out of here

Trying to pack, but so. many. things. More…

The burning stupid that is this morning

This morning, 4:05:06 AM, 07/08/2009, apparently in each time zone separately and regardless of the arbitrary nature of both the year calendar and the way we measure time, an amazing thing happened! Except that it didn’t because of all that stuff I wrote just then. More…

Fundie Friday – Hesselbeck ignored

For all we bitch about Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, Rosie (when she was on The View), and Dr. Phil, you know who often gets a pass? Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I see her mentioned sometimes on Pharyngula, but honestly why aren’t skeptics making more of a big deal about her. Sure she’s not spreading nonsense about vaccines, but she is spreading nonsense about a whole lot of other crap on a major network daytime TV show. She deserves a heaping pile of criticism. So buckle up. I hope you appreciate the pain and torture I’m going to have to endure to get this information. More…