Chuck Norris is made of fail

That’s right. I said it. Bring it on.

Seriously though, Chuck Norris apparently thinks that not wanting god on government buildings is 1) anti-constitutional and 2) promoting atheism. Since when is not having something on a building a promotion of something. So I guess the Rio promotes hot dogs because they don’t have pictures of hamburgers lining the Penn & Teller billboard. This over-promotion of hot dogs in a hamburger nation will not stand, sirs!

Not that I give a shit what Chuck Norris has to say, but this represents a common “argument” regarding religious phrases, symbols, and scripture on government property. We have the inherent false dichotomy, us vs. them bullshit that is precicely the reason that god and christianity should NOT be on government buildings. The world is made up of more than theists and Christians and the constitution protects the people who are not in those groups from being accosted with those beliefs etched into a government building. It also protects theists and Christians’ rights to believe whatever the hell they want — just not on government property. Methinks Mr. Norris had better become a little more familiar with that little ol’ constitution he’s parading around.

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