The stupid burns SO HARD

Ok, Kimbo. Be strong.

1) Twilight dolls. That is all.

2) Not that any rational human gives a shit about these two, but Speidi are spewing more batshitness around these days and they get a lot of undeserved and uncritical media attention for the bile that escapes their gaping maws. Such as Heidi saying:

I was just saying about birth control, because I got very scared about it the other day and I felt like God was telling me that this was something just created by the government that is really bad for my body and I was just getting sick, and I researched it, and one of the founding people who invented birth control said it was the worst thing they had ever done, they wished they’d never created it, how it morally corrupted society, it’s just sickening to him. How it devalues women, how it causes depression, how it can cause cancer, how it sterilizes your body, and what it does to your body, how most women are suicidal sometimes on it, and in fact, in order to even stabilize the population right now, each woman would have to have three children, that the population is decreasing so much that population control is just a myth.

Population control is a myth? What does that even mean? The population is decreasing? I’m fucking speechless. Not to be outdone by thinking that birth control, a regular medication like anything else, is evil government poison, she had this to say about microchips. Oh yeah, this is going to be awesome:

“You would have to kill me before I get a chip, that would never happen. The fact that people are even already OK with this is sickening, I could throw up right now. A chip? are we dogs? Not even dogs deserve chips. It says in the bible that it’s the mark of the beast and that is a sign of worshiping the devil – so over my dead body would I ever get a chip in my body. My body belongs to Jesus Christ, to God alone, and no one will ever put anything in me, I will not worship the devil, I will not be conformed to this world, that will not happen.”

It burns SO HARD.

Remember that part of the Bible about computer chips? Neither do I. Remember that time that doing something completely nothing to do with devil worship (or religion at all) meant you had the mark of the beast and did in fact worship the devil? I always thought that actually worshiping the devil meant you were worshiping the devil. I was way off. Or it’s opposite day. Is it opposite day? Did I miss that?

I also was under the impression that my body belongs to ME. So if Jesus came down and decided to rape her, he could because her body belongs to him. I’d kick him in the junk, but she’s stuck because her body belongs to him. I think I got the better deal. Finally, conforming to this world = devil worship? We’re all devil worshipers? Does she even control anything that comes out of her mouth? Is she a robot on some sort of “spew random religious words” setting?

I think, I hope, that America is finally becoming sick of these fucktards. They have crossed the line from every day narcissism into cartoonish super-narcissism. This is where we are as a society? These people make millions while good people starve to death because they have no food or can’t go to college because they can’t get loans? REALLY? I need this video to make me feel better:


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