Star Trek: Generations

I’ve popped in my original 1194 VHS tape (that’s right, kids — movies used to come on tapes) of Star Trek: Generations because I haven’t seen it in a while. The first thing I noticed before the movie even started is that they didn’t bother to advertise any other movies where the trailers would usually be, they just shill more Star Trek stuff. Something Janeway is peddling, Patrick Stewart talking about “From Here to Infinity”, and The Shat advertising some anniversary thing.

Yay, Paramount.

One response to “Star Trek: Generations

  1. I think Paramount is actually pretty good at keeping Star Trek internalized. I recently bought the first six movies on Blu-Ray, and the only pre-movie (or pre-menu, I guess is more appropriate) paraphernalia was the trailer for the new movie, and a trailer for the first season of TOS on Blu-Ray. Which I think is totally rad because I got to see some of the new Star Trek in high-def.