Allopathy vs. Naturopathy/Homeopathy

So…now naturopaths want to prescribe because they want to be treated “like every other” health professional. Speaking as a future health professional, that’s bullshit. I can’t prescribe either and never should be allowed. You know why? Because it’s not my expertise, just like it’s not theirs. I rue the day when any profession can whine enough to the government such that they are allowed to do whatever they want.

Where does this sense of entitlement that permeates our society come from? Everyone feels so entitled, but why? Why do people feel they deserve to have everything with no work, no study, no justification other than “me wanty”? People perceive what everyone else has as a privilege that they are also entitled to, as opposed to acknowledging that people and professionals are inherently different and have different responsibilities.

Naturopaths prescribing drugs makes just about as much sense as astronauts doing brain surgery just because they feel like they are capable enough – because hey, rocket surgery can’t be that different. Prescribing drugs runs completely contrary to their own core beliefs as a profession. They claim (much like homeopathy) to treat the cause and not the symptoms (like evil allopathy) though natural means, as opposed to evil toxic “allopathic” pharmaceuticals. But whats the sense of nitpicking their own bullshit. They are raking in the dough and stand to rake in even more under “Big Pharma” when poor deluded patients are allowed to seek their uneducated advice for prescriptions too.

One of the reasons that they can “prescribe” their natural substances is because the naturopaths, the substances, and everything they do aren’t well regulated. However, drugs are – unless an unscrupulous company bypasses basic decency through the legal holes that naturopathy/homeopathy helped create. If naturopaths are allowed to start prescribing drugs, they are being awarded privileges that aren’t even given to other health professionals that 1) have at least studied basic physiology, anatomy, and pharmacology at an accredited university and 2) are licensed under a regulatory body. Such as myself. But I would never presume to know enough to be able to prescribe drugs to people because even though I have studied those topics as part of my training, I have not studied them in the context appropriate to prescribing medication and cannot possibly claim that I am competent to do so.

This “demand” skips several developmental steps. If naturopathy wants to be taken seriously, they should begin advocating for accreditation, licensing, and regulation of their own system and the substances they provide. They aren’t (apparently) even making sure that people are getting safe herbs et al. now, so how are we to trust that they will be competent to provide safe pharmaceuticals? Rather than trying to act like doctors by being given the same responsibilities by seeing those responsibilities as a privilege that they are denied, they should reflect on their own profession and ask themselves if what they are doing is right and how they can do it better. If they are not doing that basic amount of self-evaluation, then they are failing as a true health profession. If they are, I haven’t heard about it. It’s not as if CAM doesn’t get press, so where are the advocates? Make more noise – progressive noise.

They should not be awarded special treatment on the basis of whining. Responsibilities are assigned within certain professions because of expertise (resulting from hard work, extensive study, and continued evidence-based practice) in those areas. If they don’t have that expertise, they can’t be expected to properly handle the responsibility for which they are advocating. It’s fine to have a different world view, but it’s not ok to take that as an excuse to demand more responsibilities because of a sense of entitlement under accusations of persecution. Would people consider it persecution if we said no to astronauts with aspirations of brain surgery? Probably not. If they got degrees and training in that area beforehand, however, they would certainly be allowed to exercise their talents and responsibilities. This is no different.

This is not a persecution issue. It’s not an entitlement issue. It’s an issue of professional expertise and responsibility. Naturopaths simply do not have the training required and the accreditation/regulation necessary to get what they are demanding. And if they do get it, it would be the biggest legal mistake in recent history and a perfect example of why government should stick to legalities rather than frigging with science-based health care based on who whined more and loudest.


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