The Scariest Part?

On the heels of my “Two Ridiculous Products” post from yesterday, I have this thought: Without doing prior research before going to the drug store, how is the average consumer supposed to know what is and is not tested by a regulatory body (i.e, FDA) for quality control and safety? They are all on the same shelves, all in the same pharmacy.

Pharmacists out there: I know you’re running a business, but you have a duty to your customers to provide safe products. Might I suggest, if you’re not willing to get rid of these dangerous products entirely, that you at the very least separate them into different sections of the store so that at least people are making an informed choice.

I would wager that many people don’t realize that untested drugs are allowed to be sold in grocery and drug stores. They may assume that because the store endorses it and/or are allowed to sell it, it’s safe.


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