Even though Twilight sucks…

…I gotta give them props for actually giving the fans what they want.

We all wanted to come together and make another great piece of art for the fans. It’s really about what they want to see, because they’re the ones buying the tickets and what-not.

Right on. If more fan-based movie franchises would give a crap about fans and not about — whatever it is they are trying to do, people wouldn’t walk away from things like Spiderman 3 going “wtf was with that retarded dance sequence”?

So good for you Twilight. Your series blows but at least you’re giving the shrieking 12-year-olds what they want, ensuring that you will sell them bajillions of tickets.

PS: Hollywood, please don’t ruin Gears of War. It’s already an awesome story. I’m a girl and I’m begging you, BEGGING, please do not piss off every single man in the whole world by tacking on a needless love story “for the ladies” that ends up requiring ridiculous changes in order for that subplot to make sense, thereby ruining the entire story. We don’t want it. We want the movie to be good. Thank you.


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