Some things never change

I will not provide links in this post or names because I don’t want to draw attention to this person, but I wanted to give my 2 cents. There is a certain someone who faked his death last year. This was discussed on Skepchick yesterday, as he used to be a commenter there. Recently this person has turned up on Greg Laden’s blog (and others) in a flame war about “rape switches”.

I’m posting this inqury to the internets: Why does anyone still pay attention to this person’s narcissistic antics?

The thing about faking a death or illness, or anything really, is that there are certain things that people say and do in these situations because they are decent human beings. But these people are soliciting this because of their narcissism, not because they are interested in conducting experiments or art. It’s akin to a man asking children for videos of their feet on YouTube for his sexual pleasure — the kids didn’t do anything wrong, and were just honoring what they thought was an innocent request, but it was for the gratification of another person. I’m NOT AT ALL saying that narcissism = pedophilia. I’m saying that the action is equally selfish and pointless other than to gratify the perpetrator. The victims should not feel guilt by being taken in, but they should also not continue to contribute to the perpetrators “pleasure”.

The only way to deal with these people is to ignore them, because any further interactions only serves to provide a foil for their self-martyrdom nonsense. So from this point forward, there will be no discussion. People who bathe in their own narcissism are dead to me.


2 responses to “Some things never change

  1. Is that what happened to him? I rarely found myself at particular ideological odds with him, but I later found him to incredibly rude (I remember him typing to sethmanpio “I hope you die”…..classy).

    Wow. What a piece of shit.

    I think you’d like this book:

    It’s a brilliant blend of politics, philosophy and a critique of well, the culture of narcissism that every skeptic should be well versed in the dangers of falling prey to (since we’re always so quick to point out the narcissism in others, it’s a great book to give one the tools to identify the narcissist and to combat every self-righteous post-modernist fuckhole in the academy)

    • Kimbo Jones

      The seth thing was completely ridiculous and uncalled for, but that seems to be his MO. “I’m going act like a mofo and it’s you’re problem if you don’t like it.” Bullshit. There’s a line between eccentric/different because that’s the way you are and intentionally inappropriate for the sake of attention. Some people are just dicks.