In which Mojo and Kimbo get hitched

This past weekend, Mojo and I got hitched skeptic style…well, technically humanist style. We got our ceremony from the humanist society website. We’d have invited God, but (s)he is such a snob about weddings (as opposed to, say, basketball games) we didn’t think (s)he’d show. Instead we had our wedding outside in the cheap showiness of nature and focused the ceremony on love instead of the blessings of a magic sky fairy pumping me full of babies. We were “married” by a friend of ours (official JOP secular ceremony to be done by another friend’s dad in the near future), her boyfriend played the bagpipes much to the delight of my dad, another friend of ours is a photographer by hobby so he took the pictures, and another friend of ours does hair and makeup so she made me all prettified so that I’d be acceptably marriable. I knows some talented people, so props to them. I also made my own wedding cake.

The best part of the whole day was that we managed to sneak a secular/skeptic/atheist ceremony right under people’s noses. People either didn’t mention anything at all or assumed that our friend was a minister despite not a single mention of God or Jesus. Like I was telling someone before the wedding about the ceremony: “They won’t notice. People remember what they want to remember.” and some people will remember a minister because that’s what they’re used to. Fine with me. We managed to get married the way we wanted to, with friends and family and relevant sentiments, and we didn’t have to give a big political speech about atheism or piss any of the religious older crowd off. We even got compliments on the content of the ceremony.

So it can be done folks, even with a semi-religious (or at least “traditional” — baptisms, weddings in churches, etc.) family, without offending anyone or having to defend yourselves against an onslaught. Now, I’ll add the caveat that neither of us has any fundies in the family, who may be more keen with noticing the absense of prayer and Jebus. But our moderately religious family didn’t seem to mind at all…or even notice.

Now onward to our honeymoon next month in malaria-land down south with a stop at TAM7 on the way!


4 responses to “In which Mojo and Kimbo get hitched

  1. Congratulations to both of you!!!!!!!!! Awesome news!

  2. Hey! Congratulations! Enjoy many fine years together. (That is an order.)