Sigh…Elections Part 2

Oh Green Party. You had me. You HAD ME. And then you said this: ” Expand healthcare coverage to include qualified complementary/alternative health professionals such as naturopaths, chiropractors, and dietitians.” and a bunch of other crazy shit about “cancer epidemics” and “toxins”.

1) Dietitians are not “alternative”.
2) Naturopaths and chiropractors are covered by private insurance. I don’t want my tax dollars going to either of those being included in national health care coverage. And why make the distinction “qualified”? Wouldn’t that be a given? Unless they need to clarify because of the shit-tons of nonsense among these groups. I’m sure there are responsible folks who send people to their GP at the first sign of serious trouble, but if we’re going to see someone and it’s that not serious in the first place did we need to see someone at all? And does it need to be covered by health care? Say what you will about the doctor shortage, this (opening the door to less qualified people to tinker around with clients) is not the solution.

So many reasonable-sounding things mixed in with crap. I even missed it the first time. But I’m going to write you a prescription: Take 1 science adviser and see me next election. Most of what you have to say is reasonable, but I can’t vote for junk science scare-mongering.

I’m not voting. Your parties all suck, Nova Scotia. Good luck.


2 responses to “Sigh…Elections Part 2

  1. This call by the Green Party is the result of bullshit hippie-idealism which the often post-modern left helps to foster, but also the killing blow of the Green Party (for me) which centers on the neo-liberal restructuring of politics.

    The Green Party (federal and all provincials) fully embrace free-market solutions to environmental problems (ie: the insane “Green economy”). You can be sure that there is tons of money to be made in the CAM industry, and these people lobby hard. They find a comfortable voice in the green party because a) the appearance of the “natural” is very appealing to the scientifically illiterate who just likes to grow trees in cities (which is, nice, to be sure) and b) the Green Party will take whatever support they can get. At least the other major parties have rejected CAM (largely).

    The “Green” Party? Green indeed.

    • Kimbo Jones

      Such a shame because they have the fresh-eyed idealism and policy that comes with a struggling party that has to prove itself, but it’s just packed in so much crazy. Perhaps when I’m out of school and need a hobby, I can lobby them in the name of science. LOTS of money to be made with science particularly if you speak their language (alternative energy, climate change, etc).

      Looks like a moot point anyway, looking at a possible NDP majority.