Crazy busy with schoolwork and wedding this week, so there will be a brief break in [regular] blogging. We will be back late next week. School is ending for good for me in 2 weeks, hence the mad rush and craziness.

I leave you to contemplate this nonsense during the absence.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaand an example of why I’m no longer a member of the backward and out of touch catholic church. Although I am generally of the opinion that “making fun of religion” (i.e., books that assert it “poisons everything”) mainly serves to promote the idea that atheists are just cynical curmudgeons as opposed to rational and generally positive people, I do feel that things like this (i.e., specific behaviours, as opposed to the general concept) promoted by the higher-ups at the church deserve nothing less than our full wrath. Not having the time to fully explain this thought, I hope that any comments will be kind and patient for a full response. I’ll blog about this opinion more in depth when I have some free time after the school rush dies down.

UPDATE: City folk are messed up. I’d laugh, but I’m too busy burning from the stupid.


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