“Celebrities” are ridiculous

Biggest piece of bullshit I’ve read all year. Let’s go: In a nutshell, The “celebrities” of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here! are claiming that they are being tortured akin to what happened at Guantanimo Bay in Cuba. This “torture” included being placed in a dark room with food and water for a day (although family members claim otherwise — they say 3 days no food and water, which is a pretty huge disparity and probably would have killed both involved, if true). Because of this “torture”, some of the “celebrities” (keep in mind that one of these people is Sanjaya — the quote marks are totally deserved) want to quit but they are under contract and their passports have allegedly been taken. This whole thing is so beyond ridiculous I’m having a hard time even forming words, but there is something imortant that I want to say about this. I can’t wait to hear NBC’s response to these claims, if at all. I hope it’s “whaaaa? are you kidding?” But in the meantime…

These are the most vapid useless human beings on the face of the planet and that is why they are on this show — because they literally have nothing else to do. They could have just donated some money to charity, or volunteered to do some charity work, but no. This way they get to play martyr on national television and another company gets to donate the money. And almost no effort involved on their part, but you’d think from their description that they are each single-handedly fighting the war in Iraq.

But let’s ignore all that for a second. Let’s address the ridiculousness of this: It’s exactly like Guantanimo Bay. Um, no it’s so fucking not. At all. A bunch of wimpy celebrities volunteering to go on a television show for charity and whining about spiders touching them is most definitely not anything at all resembling Gitmo and what went on there. Not even a little bit. What is wrong with people these days that they have absolutely no sense of scale? Being so selfish that they aren’t able to handle a temporary and voluntary inconvenience is absolutely not even near “torture” on the spectrum of atrocities. Gitmo prisoners whisked to the hospital at the slight case of whininess? Doubtful. Prisoners forced to touch icky things? If only that was the worst of what Gitmo prisoners had to endure.

This is what we put on TV now?

UPDATE: NBC responds.


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  1. Yikes. Once again glad I don’t pay for cable.