Jesse Ventura = awesome, Elizabeth Hasselbeck = vapid brainwashed shrew

What I wish Jesse had said (although he said a lot of awesome things): You meet me on Saturday morning in my garage and we’ll try out some of these “enhanced interrogation techniques” that aren’t torture and if you come away from that and still think it’s not torture, I’ll pay for your kids’ college education.

Speaking as someone with family in the military (and as a decent human being), I am disgusted that this is something that could happen to them and I’m disgusted that they work with an organization (i.e., the US army) that does it to others. Waterboarding is torture, you stupid bitch. Get your fucking head out of George Bush’s asshole and wake the fuck up to what is going on around you, you rich white vapid fucking semantics-abusing idiot. Yeah, the holocaust wasn’t “mass genocide” it was “enhanced killing techniques”. Are you KIDDING ME?!


One response to “Jesse Ventura = awesome, Elizabeth Hasselbeck = vapid brainwashed shrew

  1. Jesse has been great over the last few years..hell the guy lives in Mexico now because he is so sick of the U.S. government! Elizabeth is a freaking moron..if she had a brain she’d be dangerous.