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I love when this happens. I make notes on something, forget that I made them, and then find them months later. In this case it’s a bunch of notes I made while reading the Twilight books. I apparently gave up soon into Eclipse, but I managed to write a lot about New Moon. Oh my. I’ve posted them “as is” without making them all pretty. I want them to be seen in their full “immediacy of ranting” glory.

new moon

well the perfect talk seems to have died down a little, but I’m beginning to suspect that bella has some kind of neurological condition…no one is that clumsy

the breakup (the awkward silence, the knowing something is wrong but not wanting to say anything to bring the inevitable closer but not wanting to avoid it because living in silence is unbearable) was pretty bang-on…it was pretty stupid how he pulled an Angel/Oz/Riley and just took off, seriously what is with these story lines? Come up with something new. Worse he takes all of her physical memories away too (pictures, gifts…). What gives him the right to decide that’s what best for her? What if the opposite were true? What if pictures of him helped her because at least she had something?

then she delved into some pretty lecherous post-breakup emotions. Bella is so profoundly depressed she practically has psychosis and even considers suicide..twice. This book glances over the suicide thoughts with a mere paragraph each time and fails to address the significance of such thoughts, which teenagers may actually have after a break-up. She had a chance here to make a point, and epically failed.

Bella is supposed to be the main character of this book, the person you can subsitute yourself for to enter the fantasy. At this point I consider her weak, pathetic. Does she have to be so goddamn pathetic? In the last book I gave all these epic emotions a pass on the basis that it was not a conventional relationship, but this is a relatively conventional break up and she’s acting like a basket case^500. Her wallowing in depression was so melodramatic and unrealistic it was almost funny. most sensible people get checked for angina or something when they experience crushing chest pains every frigging day

Eventually she gets over it, makes a new friend, but maintains a complete inability to escape being cripplingly naive. even a 4 year old realizes that the other person doesn’t know there’s crayons in the smarties box, but for some reason bella is frustratingly ignorant as to the thoughts and motivations of other people. Yes, Edward left. But he did it in the exact same way she did with Charlie. Hurt to leave quickly. Come on! And then she continues to assume that every action he does is because he doesn’t want her (a new repetition for this book) and because he considers her an annoyance. The sheer number of times this is repeated and assumed by her was frustrating beyond measure. No, Bella, of course there’s not many alternatives for his motivations, no it’s because he hates you. OF course he doesn’t want to turn you into a vampire, because it would cause you a lot of pain and condemn you to a solitary life of bloodlust. no it’s because he would consider you an immortal annoyance. obviously. GAH!

product placement? …in a book. Ragu, <thing i can’t remember>, Rotten Tomatoes, [I had been keeping a list and then forgot that I was doing that]


the single stupidest thing i have ever read: “I just stared at him, trying to understand what he wanted, and trying to put out of my mind the yearning I felt to go to La Push so that I wouldn’t be swayed by my own wishes.” speechless…utterly speechless. wait no I’m not, I’m utterly infuriated. r u frigging KIDDING ME? Oh the pressure, what does he want, can’t have an independent thought that might displease him, oh noes, what do I do

[I think I gave up at this point because this is the “secretly she wants it so I’ll just assault her” book and I just couldn’t comment anymore due to extreme loathing.]

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