New Astro Photos – Moon

All of these photos were taken with a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ and a Sony Cyber-Shot DCS-W90. I used a 6 mm eye piece. It was 8:15 PM, moon waxing gibbous, 3 June 2009.

shadow craterSee that really faded crater on the far right in the bottom corner? That is a crater in the moon’s shadow. Pretty cool.

craterAnd here’s a nifty crater.

crater 2And here it is again.

This is all I managed to get before the clouds rolled in. My lunar map’s amazing suckitude had prevented me from identifying the crater. The map making people thought it would be a fantastic idea to develop a moon map that was impossible to read. Thanks, Peterson Field Guides! They provide a map orientation that is reversed L-R to what is seen by the naked eye which is annoying if your scope doesn’t do the same reversal. On this little map they separate the moon into 8 sections which they blow up and put on the following 8 pages. Funny story, they put them upside down for the close ups (relative to the small overall map). Wtf?

I’ve been looking at a few online maps to see if I can determine what crater this is, but my book has pissed me off enough to give up for the night. I will update when I find out what it is.


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