What will they think of next?

I just wanted to make you all aware of this new, awesome Eastern Medicine treatment. Not only is it all natural, but it will totally detox you for shizzle.

Which traditional, all natural treatment am I talking about:
a) pills with bits of dried and ground tiger in them
b) various exotic whale parts and oils
c) poisonous snake-bitten chickens
d) some kind of berry only found in China
e) homeopathic poo (because if poo is toxic, a dilution of poo must be medicine)

If you chose C you are a sick, sick bastard. And you are correct.

This really ticks me off. When people create conspiracy theories about so-called “Western” medicine alongside their “traditional Chinese all natural wonderful amazing qi” nonsense, they completely ignore the fact that some of these “natural remedies” come from cruel and inhumane practices or endangered species with no evidence to even remotely defend such cruelty and irresponsible hunting. It’s not all flowers and bunnies — unless that bunny got bitten by a venomous snake and was kept alive long enough for the toxin to become systemic before being butchered for an ironic “detox” meal. Then it’s all kinds of about bunnies, I guess.

But, hey, it’s natural so ooooohh aaaaahh. To the Chinese’s credit, their government is pissed (or bothering to feign being pissed) too. But seriously, how do they come up with this stuff? And how can people ignore these atrocities, which are part of alt-med “treatments”, or label them as unrepresentative while blaming Big Pharma for everything wrong in their lives? Hypocrites.


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