Oprah: Has the world finally started to notice?

Can it be? Are people starting to catch on to the fact that Oprah is not the reincarnation of Jesus?

Newsweek has caught on.

Excerpt: “Oprah said almost nothing about possible risks. “It is a relatively painless procedure, I’m told,” she said. “Scarring is minimal, and recovery time is measured in days instead of weeks.” Yet according to Plastic Surgery Practice, an industry magazine, some doctors reported that “over time, the suture tends to act like a ‘cheese wire’,” cutting through delicate facial tissue. Some patients who underwent another version of the procedure, which used barbed threads, experienced bunching of the skin, dimples and scars. Others complained the left and right sides of their faces no longer matched up due to “migration of the sutures.” One of the most common complaints, though, was that they couldn’t see any improvement at all.”

And (apparently, though I haven’t seen it) so has a recent documentary about Oprah called “The Oprah Effect“.

Is the empire begining to crumble, or will this be more futile swats at the hornet swarm? It’s certainly refreshing to see the mainstream media take hold of what she skeptical community has been saying for years.

Stay tuned to find out. Same skeptic time, same skeptic channel. Except probably at a different time, and over the course of several years, and in the misdt of having to stave of the multiple infections I’ll develop thanks to Jenny McCarthy’s new deal with Harpo…so maybe not the same channel either, because I’ll probably be quarantined or someth– you know what just keep an eye on it, k?


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