Can’t. Speak. At. Normal. Rate.

The. RAGE.

No matter what you feel about abortion, this is wrong.

“Don’t kill babies! Doctors with families and who dedicate their lives to helping people are ok though!”

“We can’t fit all that on the sign.”

“Ok, well we’ll put ‘Abortion is Murder’ on the sign and we’ll just shoot the doctors ourselves and people will get the point.”

“What point is that again?”

“Murder is wrong.”

“Oh. Um…isn’t that a bit contradic–“

“Shut up and make the sign!”

“Heh, ok. You’re the crazy one with the firearm. What you say goes.”

You know what else that’s called? Terrorism.

UPDATE: As always, the Onion puts things in perspective. Sadly the glaring hypocrisy that they are making fun of is seriously what these people argue. So they won’t get the joke. Sigh.


3 responses to “Can’t. Speak. At. Normal. Rate.

  1. I could not be more angry. What a worthless piece of human garbage. These people are nuts, it doesn’t make sense why would you kill someone and then say that abortion is evil? It makes no sense. I want to rant on and on. I hate people like this..hate is a strong word but damnit it’s appropriate. Waste of oxygen. That man did not deserve to die.

  2. Aye, I was (and still am) appalled by this.

    It makes me very very angry.

  3. I’m continually stunned by the disgusting hypocrisy of the so-called pro-life movement. True, not ever pro-life proponent is a murder, but the lack of condemnation from them beyond “this will make us look bad” (though true) is quite telling.